Sources: Cops Have Faced Assault Accusations Before

UPDATED 04/01/11 3:50 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Sources say the two Chicago police officers under investigation for claims of sexually assaulting a woman have faced similar accusations twice before.

But in the earlier two cases, the women decided not to follow through with charges, sources tell CBS 2.

The Town Hall District officers are under investigation for claims that they sexually assaulted a 22-year-old woman after offering a ride back to her Rogers Park neighborhood home.

Police are now examining whether there is any camera footage in the Chevrolet Tahoe squad car the officers were using at the time, sources say. The camera is activated when the police lights on top of the vehicle are turned on.

Sources also say police are examining GPS records. This was how they previously determined the officers stopped at a liquor store and other places on the way to the alleged victim’s residence, the sources said. The officers under investigation are both 38 years old and are veterans of the force.

Every time an officer enters a vehicle, he or she must sign into the computer and camera to start a shift. This is what enables GPS, the source said.

On Thursday, CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot spoke with the neighbor of the alleged victim, who asked to conceal his identity.

“I heard knocking, then a yell for help,” he said.

The officers found the woman as she was leaving a male friend’s apartment, where there had been drinking and a quarrel.

Interim police Supt. Terry Hillard said Thursday that the officers found the young woman as they drove their marked Chevrolet Tahoe squad car near Sheffield Avenue and Addison Street, which is in the Town Hall District. Earlier reports had indicated that the chain of events had started at Broadway and Granville Avenue, which is two police districts away and had raised questions about what the officers were doing there.

But their alleged behavior is enough for Hillard to express outrage.

“I must express my extreme disappointment and outrage at such accusations against members of this department,” Hillard said at a news conference at Police Headquarters on Thursday. “Rest assured that these allegations, if proven true, these officers will fully be held accountable and punished. I will not tolerate this type of behavior. The Police Department will not tolerate this type of behavior.”

Mayor Richard M. Daley praised Hillard’s handling of the case on Friday. He said there should be nothing made of the fact the incident happened under Hillard’s watch, less than a month after previous Supt. Jody Weis stepped down. Weis was hired, in large part, to crack down on high-profile problems with police misconduct.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780 Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports

Daley said incidents like this one can happen at any time.

“There could be one next week or the following week. This, unfortunate, happens, misconduct and I think Supt. Hillard responded very strongly,” Daley said.

The mayor declined to comment on reports that the two officers had been accused of sexual assault before, saying only that the department will “thoroughly investigate it.”

The police report for the incident indicates there was a sexual encounter in the officer’s police SUV on the way to the woman’s apartment in the Rogers Park neighborhood, where the three played strip poker.

Then there was another encounter with one of the officers in the woman’s bed.

The woman says she was intimidated, afraid to say no to sex.

She also says she tried to get neighbors’ attention by hitting the wall, and later running out of her place for help.

The neighbor said the woman “did ask for someone to call police.”

Police sources say the officers left behind mock turtleneck collars with the letters CPD embroidered on them, a cell phone, and a police belt-keeper.

“I’m not going to divulge specifics about evidentiary items that may have been recovered,” Hillard said.

A source says a supervisor is also being questioned, since no supervisor checked on the officers for more than an hour while they were on the call.

“Thousands of officers work long and hard hours day after day, night after night, proud to be members of this profession and proud to serve the residents of the city of Chicago,” Hillard said. “Our officers are dedicated to strengthening the relationship with the public and will not stand for anyone eroding that trust that they work hard to establish.”

Officers working outside Wrigley Field for the Cubs’ opening day told CBS 2 off camera that the case gives the department a black eye.

It also has put some people on edge. Andrew Homerding says he would not trust police to take his girlfriend home.

“Absolutely not. It’s gross, it’s disgusting,” told CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman.

But Nancy Soprich said all officers shouldn’t be branded alongside the accused cops.

“I think those are just two bad apples, and it’s in every profession,” she said.

  • Kay

    Chicago police pigs at their best.

    • co

      do you normally render quick judgements? if you have a hatred for the police then perhaps you should live in the middle east or in a communist country so that you really know what it is to suffer.

      • billy john jacobs

        Thay should be put in prison

      • Phil

        I believe that if the accusations are true in any way, much worst should happen to them then prison. There is really nothing worst then public protector committing a crime against the very people he or she is put in charge of protecting.

  • MrDent

    Is this part of the reason they wanted Weiss gone..this is very disturbing..on duty drinking..smh..strip poker..smh..and rape..really smh..on a good note..this woman will never have to work and will get plenty to move away from these savages…smh smh…

    • CA

      once again Weiss had to go for many reasons but mostly because a superintendent of police gets around $175,000 and the idiot mayor Daley paid this clown $300,000 thats unheard of.

      YOu are correct in that she’ll probably sue and win because even if she wasn’t assaulted they did break numerous department rules. Lets not convict them cops of rape until all the facts are in especially background information on her.

      • Peace-N-Love


        you are starting to sound like those crocked ass cops that were prostesting for Weiss resignation. NO EXCUSE!! Weiss kept your ass in check and working.

      • RWH

        Blame the victim. Blame the victim.

      • Doug Atkins

        The only clowns to mention are the ones wearing the uniforms. Jody Weis was not alleged to have done any wrong doing. It was the beat cops who were previously claiming to not be giving their all under Weis.

        Every cop should be outraged and every cop should be distancing themselves from these two clowns.

        Just as predicted, once Weis was removed the crime rates would go up whether caused by the gangs or those in blue.

  • carlos

    No one is above the law but lets not throw out the baby with the bath water. The public is so quick to condem the entire Chicago Police Department based on the alleged behavior of two idiots. We don’t want anyone to judge us but we are so quick to judge. The two officers should at least be fired but most certainly be investigate for the sexual assault and charged accordingly. But lets wait to get the investigation results and then form your opinion.

    Whenever the public needs help they don’t call the GHOSTBUSTERS they call the CHICAGO POLICE. So lets keep the CHICAGO POLICE bashing down and wait for the whole story plus results of the police investigation before rendering judgment over the alleged actions of two idiots

    • Bruce

      Carlos i hear you, but please wake up and keep in mind that the alleged crime was committed by police officers! These police officers swore oath and were payed to serve and protect. Not to commit crime while on duty or otherwise. If this was a first improper act be the Chicago police department employee, sure we shouldn’t jump to conclusions so fast. But criminal behavior of Chicago police department just doesn’t seems to stop. Beatings, intimidation, abuse, now possible rape….
      And now all we see are character attacks against the victim ? Just WWooW

      • mike

        Lets be honest here folks. There was no sex assault, no rape. It was very likely a good looking woman flirting and hitting on them and then they used horrible judgement and had consensual sex with her. They thought with the other headand this woman wants a free pay day which she will receive and these officers will deal with their reprocussions for making a dumb decision

      • hate women much?

        @mike ” It was very likely a good looking woman flirting and hitting on them and then they used horrible judgement and had consensual sex with her.”

        Dude, they were on duty. It’s not party-time when we’re on duty.

      • mike

        @hate women much
        hey “dude” did u read the post. I didn’t agree with what they did they made a dumb choice and will pay for it by losing their careers. The point was there was not a crime committed. Strip poker which by the way is the game the victim said they played is a consensual game. The officers used the wrong head and made a dumb decision.

      • what is happening to CPD ?

        So not only did they leave their assigned patrol area on duty. Not only did they still allegedly committed a crime on duty, not only did the dispatcher and whoever else at that time failed to track and account for these officers activity while on duty.
        Now it is starting to come out that this sort of activity seems to be a part of daily operating procedure of CPD as long as it can be span which ever way it fits the CPD and all others involved in all of the daily CPD operations in order to avoids the scrutiny of the public eye.

  • CAO

    Mr BIGGS lets get rid of some of these bad apples. How about you applying for the job and become a CHICAGO POLICE OFFICER then you can set the example for others to follow.

    Talk is cheap, action speaks louder than words.

  • ChicagoCitizen

    This woman’s credibility isn’t worth a dime. Strip poker? Come on. The most these officers should get is a month suspention for improper behavior. No criminal charges, no cash payout!

    • Ben

      I agree, her entire story stinks. I don’t believe it for one second. Sounds like a set up to file a lawsuit. All of the police haters love this kind of story, it gives them a chance to cut on CPD.

      • suburban

        The police officers were on duty, wearing a badge, sworn to serve and protect. Nobody “gets” that.

  • dan

    Every honest good hard working cops should get a chance to beat the living sh!t out of these 2 clowns-it’s behavior like this that stains the whole department and diminishes the acts of the true heros out there-aka good cops.

  • Gregg

    All of the police haters on this page suck!

    • Jim

      Wow…so eloquently said. You must be a GD genious. Mama must have forgot your pacifier.

    • jimmy jones

      you suck

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  • Chivi

    THe point is that these officers were supposed to be working. They were on duty. They were sleeping (stripping) on the job!!!!!! BUSTED!!!!

  • Tom

    Sure doesn’t look good at the moment. But having said that, for all you cop haters do me a favor. When your 3 year old child is missing from your front yard, don’t call the cops. When you look out your kitchen window and you see some guy setting your car on fire, don’t call the cops. When your spouse is kidnapped, robbed and sexually assaulted, don’t call the cops. And then the rest of us will have the utmost respect for you.

    • mama

      I’m gonna call your mama

      • Tom

        My mama’ passed away some time ago so she won’t answer your call. However, if your looking for your mama, call my house. She’s in bed with me.

    • Anne

      Dear Tom you making it sound as if Police officers service to the community doesn’t come with the minimum requirement for the plain old common sense and human dignity. Nobody is forcing or putting a gun to anybody’s head to become a police officer or any other public servant for that matter. Therefore public outrage is more then justify when they are outraged by these allegations and actions of these police officers. Police officers are held to a higher standard as they should be and the punishment no matter how severe will never reflect the amount of crime, pain, mistrust and broken promises caused to the victim and the general public. For having have to wonder every time they find themselves in distress situation if by calling for help the send responders will help or cause more harm…..

  • Frank

    I don’t believe she had consensual sex with these guys in the car, or anywhere else. And I don’t believe the strip poker B.S., all of which is just because the police wrote the police report.

    Ten bucks says they raped her. The woman was horrified according to neighbors. The report’s full of lies and now the department is pressuring her not to file charges, leveraging their report full of lies. Now, let me tell you the story of my suburban high school friend who was pulled over in Wrigleyville.

    Once a fine member of the CPD saw he was from the north ‘burbs, he emptied my friend’s wallet of its last dollar.

    • BigDog

      Do you smell a cover up? “Does anyone remember laughter?”

    • mike

      The strip poker Frank was a game the victim said they played so maybe you should get your facts straight before you comment.

  • Beck Bolden

    Most of the ltime the police behave very well. A lot of them a church goers and have children. May be this cops are single and need a date. But this is not the way to do it. Please, let all police know that there are dangers of getting all kinds of sexual deceases specially HIV and sore throat that will not go away.
    So abstain to have sex with anyone unless they were tested negative before intercourse.
    They should know this before doing anything to an innocent person.

    • Shirley

      Yes we all should become a better “victims” …gghh ggghh responsible citizens, so to say …..stand up! do the right thing and warn some of the bad apples police officers of our potentially spreadable sexually transmitted deceases before they rape us!

  • BigDog

    This is an outrage! I believe most of the report. There are a few gray areas here, the strip poker, WGN TV said today that was not true, where did that come from to begin with then?

    Sex in the Tahoe..what kind of sex? Doing it in the back? Seems to me this woman could have said NO to the Police..if we can’t trust the Poilce, who can we trust? Are these just 2 bad apples? I want the truth!

  • Chivi

    Keep up with the news you cop lovers as I am not a copy hater!!!! These officers have 2 other complaints from females as to having been sexually assaulted. This woman is the third. Now who sucks!!!

    • wv

      that”s the reason weiss is gone.He was going to get rid of those bad apples,
      and they were afraid….

  • MWT

    These guys are sexual predators/rapists. They should be treated as such.

    Disgracing the badge. Allowed to get away with anything because they are cops.

  • MTW

    These guys are sexual predators/rapists. They should be treated as such.

    Disgracing the badge. Allowed to get away with anything because they are cops!

  • MTW

    These guys are sexual predators/rapists. They should be treated as such.

    Disgracing the badge. Allowed to get away with anything because they are cops.

  • KWE

    These Chicago cops are sexual predators.

    Reports today state that these same men have had complaints against them in the past but since they are Chicago Police, who think they are above it all, nothing happens with the reports.

    These Chicago cops took advantage of a drunk woman. Reports say that these cops were caught on a liquor store security camera buying liquor. The investigaton has to determine if these 2 cops actually drank that booze they bought while on duty.

    These Chicago cops were on duty, in full uniform, wearing their badge.

    This incident obviously took more time than a lunch break or a personal break. Why wasn’t the dispatcher looking for them? Cops who can’t be found by the dispatcher get redlined, and that’s serious. Their Sargeant wasn’t looking for them either? Lots of layers to investigate.

    Hoping that the witnesses are not forced to change their story via threats.

    We shall see.

  • Justice...

    Morons…they just threw their career away. I believe the female participated then changed her mind (or sobered up). Regardless…they scrwed up and should be fired.

  • Jim

    Good thing the UNIONS protected them. If they worked in a normal job they would have been fired, but they were protected by the Unions. Like I always say; there are good unions and bad unions, this is one of the bad examples. I don’t care if you are in a Union or not, sleeping on the job, being a sexual predator, etc. should result in a minimum of you being fired!

  • Doug Atkins




    • AB

      What’s Rahm got to do with this? He’s not even in office yet. He can’t make decisions yet on who is in charge of the CPD? Are you normally this ignorant or just today?

      • PEACE-N-LOVE

        Rahm is at fault already!! Because the idiot made it clear that he did not want Weis back AND wanted to hire some one (lazy and corrupted) within the Department. HE SHOULD HAVE KEPT WEISS!!!!!!

  • Christopher C. Cooper

    Don’t blame Supt. Hillard. Hillard is a man of integrity. If Mr. Weis were still the superintendent, the public would not have been made aware of the sexual assault–it would have been swept under the rug. It is because Terry Hillard is the Supt. that we know about it. He took action because he like me, realizes that criminal officers have no place in police work.

    • Peace-n-love

      chris cooper,

      Yeah! You are right! Weis would have swepted it under the rug like the cops that beat the female bartender or the cop that beat up the guy in a wheelchair. Don’t forget the other cop that killed some one while driving intoxicated. Remove your nose from Hillard’s rectal area!!

  • GREG Z.


  • Raymond Prudente

    Police think that if a woman is drunk, she knows very little concerning the officer’s limit of power, seeing the order and offered a free ride to move on was afraid to be arrested and ask question of the police action.This submissiveness on the part of the victim rendered the police, arrogant and abusive. These supposed protector in blue uniform become a law-breaker and a sexual predator. That a woman is under the influence of liquor is not enough to justify interference and found a charge of “drunk and disorderly conduct;” to sustain an accusation, there must, in addition be annoyance to others but in acts tending to a breach of peace. Walking drunk do not justify police interference either by threats or use of force.

    The people should be fully protected from the abuse of power on the part of handful of abusive CPD officers. But much of the trouble has risen from the submissiveness of law abiding citizens to any commands which the police choose to make and these abuses should be met with prompt appeals to the law. The Chicago Police Supt. Terry Hillard is right not to tolerate this kind of behavior.

  • Raymond Prudente

    Sexual abuse by law enforcement officers remains one of the U.S.’s “DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS.” Threats of retribution and retaliation against women who report sexual assault by police officers are common place, while prosecutions of law enforcement officers for criminal acts are rare. Chicago-based study of women in the sex trade found that 20% of sex workers and 30% dancers who had been raped identified police officer as the RAPIST.

    Credible evidence exist that rape and sexual harassment of women by on-duty law enforcement officers is a serious problem in the U.S. And only a little over a third of all rapes and sexual assault are reported to the authorities. This rate is far lower among women who are raped or sexually assaulted by law enforcement.

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