Doubts Mount About Why City Closed North Avenue Beach

CHICAGO (CBS) — Police have been blaming hot weather on Monday for the sudden evacuation of North Avenue Beach.

But as CBS 2’s Pamela Jones reports, two days later, a lot of residents and beachgoers still are not buying the city’s version of events.

They want to know, why weren’t all the beaches closed on Monday?

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is now asking for a report on what went down, but he’s standing by the decision to close.

Meanwhile, city officials are sticking to their story about collapsing beachgoers who were sick from the heat pushing people to close North Avenue Beach around 6 p.m. on Memorial Day.

“You had public safety and you had public health,” Emanuel said. “There’s no Monday morning quarterbacking.”

“There was no gang activity that was involved in the commander’s decision to close the beach,” said police Supt. Garry McCarthy.

But a police source close to the situation tells a different story. That officer says police got reports of up to 1,000 suspected gang members meeting here to start trouble.

Callers to Cliff Kelley’s show on WVON-1690 AM agree.

“It was gangbangers acting stupid up there,” one caller said.

“It’s a very plausible argument that there were gangbangers up there,” another said.

When asked if most of his callers feel like they are not being given a straight story about what happened at North Avenue Beach, Kelley said no.

“All of them” feel that way, he said.

People at the beach Wednesday wee mixed on the truth about why the beach closed.

“I don’t know of any gang-related stuff happening toward North Avenue,” one beachgoer said. “I didn’t see it.”

But most agreed hostility had to play a part.

“There was a lot of, like, ethnic minorities, like, yelling at each other,” one woman said.

“The violence that they had between each other, I guess quarrels, and they knew that everyone would meet here,” a man said.

McCarthy said there needs to be a better plan about how to handle large crowds, so emergency crews can get through to people who need help.

He says that was a major concern that day, whatever else might have happened. There were several outbreaks of gang violence in cities across the country.

The announcement about a safety-related closure came over the public-address system shortly after 6 p.m. Monday. A firefighting crew sprayed crowds with a mist of water from a 2 1/2-inch hose as beach-goers made their way from the lakefront.
In all, four people were rushed to area hospitals from the beach as a result of heat-related illness. One was even listed in critical condition.

But violent flash mobs have been a concern at North Avenue Beach previously.

In April at the beach, sources say a group of about 100 teens surrounded two people on bikes. Both were knocked off their bikes and thrown into Lake Michigan.

  • Jim

    Sorry, Hostile City, Hostile

  • 0'brien

    keep the lakefront clean from thugs or ya lose the whole city..plain and simple.
    the people who pay the most in city taxes, don’t want the thugs taking over the beautiful beaches!! The police did the right thing!

    • Darlene

      “ya lose the whole city”

      Honey, that ship has SAILED!

      Rahm should shut down the entire lakefront starting NOW because that’s what he’ll be doing until Labor Day!! Leave your BBQs at home!!

      • Chicago=Mogadishu

        Anyone who goes to the lakefront in Chicago this summer is endangering themselves and their families. Rahm Emanuel has handcuffed the police into being nothing but crossing guards.

        Chicago is turning into Mogadishu and THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT EMANUEL WANTS. Handing the country to the darks, neighborhood by neighborhood. Why would he want white voters in the city? He can’t stay on the gravy train that way.

      • bob

        Democrats want to drive out the middle class and working people. A city full of welfare queens and thugs will be solidly democrat. Look at Detoilet, Newark, Gary, Cleveland or any other dump of a city.

    • Andrew Petersen


      The Aldermen and City Hall won’t Let the Police admit to doing the right thing for starters.

  • g-man

    What exactly is an “ethnic minority” …… Is that another word for a non-white ???

    • Really

      Wow I really can not believe that you would ask this question.

      • Paul G

        HAHAHAHA…aren’t whites an “ethnic minority” now in the city?

      • HPS

        That’s funny..we are now a product of our ethnic group … no longer the larger group we use to call AMERICAN’S..

    • Nigel bollox

      European american, I agree with u.

    • beelzebubba

      ‘euro-trash’ describes my ancestors

  • Truth B Told

    Perhaps if we had Conceal Carry we would not have these problems along the beach. If a few law abiding citizens had to pull their firearm and shoot a few gang bangers or thugs, well, that might begin to change things.

    • Truth B Told

      No, that is not what I said or meant. No where in my comments did I say anything about “angry white citizens”. I don’t care what color a law abiding citizen is. We just need to take back our 2nd Amendment rights and not be afraid to protect ourselves or our families.

      • Kunta

        I love these people who always talk about how having more guns around will create less crime… in complete ignorance of available statistics and crime rates of the most armed society in the world which is the United States. You see right wing gun nuts, you already live in the most armed society in the world with 90 guns per 100 citizens, and yet your crime rates are also some of the highest…. see how that works?

      • Frank Vath

        That is a typical liberal lie. Dallas just finished a 50 year low in homicide.
        But in 2011, it’s up again, to the tune of about one murder per day. And guess which groups are responsible. Here’s a clue: not Caucasian, right-wingers.
        It’s the Aframs and (mostly illegal) Mexican’ts.
        It’s the truth. Deal with it.

      • Mr. Justice

        @ Frank Vath….. Right On. You are correct and it is time for those of us who are law abiding citizens to band together to get CCW passed

      • Bolshevik perps

        What group kept pushing to change the immigration laws?
        What group has pushed the diversity is our strength propaganda?
        Hint, not black, or Hispanic, or white.
        We have all been suckered.
        Red terror on our shores, this isn’t good. Our civilization has been destroyed from within.

      • malcom

        blame liberalism, its destroyed America as we know it. But the people of Chicago deserve the crime, the drugs, and the corruption. You keep voting the same people in office with the same communist mindset. Any good person with real intelligence would have left Chicago years ago. hope it just gets worse for you idiots.

      • JustAGuy

        The most violent cities have the strictest gun laws. And the converse is also true. Until last year, Chicago had a ZERO tolerance for any firearm, yet the south-side was well armed with illegal weapons and was/still is quite violent to boot!

      • Mr. Justice

        YOU ARE RIGHT ON !

      • beelzebubba

        But don’t they shoot each other? Seems like a self-solving problem… like the crack epidemic

      • Mark Matis

        It’s the Diversity, stupid! The Preferred Species are committing the bulk of the murders. Switzerland has FAR MORE guns per capita than the US, but almost NO murders with guns. They also have FAR LESS Preferred Species. Japan has very few guns, but they ALSO have very few Preferred Species. But then I suppose that is an Inconvenient Truth…

      • JustAGuy

        @Mark Matis, your “Preferred Species” are subject to decades of social engineering by the Democrat Party, starting from Johnson’s Great Society. Prior to that, your “Preferred Species” were never involved with crime like this. I blame the Democrat party.

        Members of your “Preferred Species” who are Republican don’t behave like this, they are productive members of society. But then again, there are lots of your “Preferred Species” who are Democrat and don’t behave like this. But EVERY member of your “Preferred Species” who acks the fool ARE Democrats!

        Your post is racist, and in that misses the salient concept.

      • Mark Matis

        98% of the Preferred Species make the other 2% look bad. THAT is the Inconvenient Truth.

        If that makes me racist, then I am PROUD to be one.

      • Mr. Justice

        Are you really that stupid?????? Get your facts straight before you begin to spew your verbal vomit. Go to the FBI statistics and it will show you that those cities and states that have conceal carry all have lower crime rates than the city of chicago, other Illinois cities, and the state of Illinois. Conceal Carry does work. One can always find some wacko somewhere that has a gun and causes problems. Perhaps you would like America to be like Australia???? Australia outlawed all firearms, took them away from all law abiding citizens and within 3 years, the murder rate soared by over 300%, armed robbery rose by over 450% and rape when up over 500%. Is that what you want you idiot Kunta? No, we do not and we will fight for our 2nd Amendment Rights. It is time for law abiding citizens to take back their Rights and not allow this “nanny state” of Illinois to force their liberal puking views down our throats!

      • g-man

        The crime rate is so high in Chicago because the democrats made it impossible for law abiding tax payiing citizens to get guns. And when a criminal is arrested for a gun violation our democratic court system slaps them on the wrist and sends them home.

      • Kevin B

        So, if you were at North Avenue Beach that day you would have just shot all the black people who seemed to be making trouble? Shoot first ask questions later? You think thug wannabes (trust me, they’re mostly harmless posers) are not going to show up at a beach because white people have guns? I completely fail to see how “taking back our 2nd Amendment rights” is related to this specific incident. And for the record, I’m entirely in favor of concealed carry.

      • Mr. Justice

        @ Kevin B…. I am gald you are in favor of conceal carry. My point is we do need to take back our 2nd Amendment Rights. Secondly, one never shoots another without knowing or being that one’s life or family member’s life is in jeopardy of harm or worse. Thirdly, these “thug wannabes” are not harmless. perhaps by themselves they might be, but not in a group. Thank you

      • Kevin B

        @ Mr. Justice:

        Where’s the line? When are you in danger? Where they are at the beach? When they shout or yell? Laugh? Call you a name? Shove you off the path? Steal a bike? Pull a gun?

        When do you flash your piece at them? When do you fire?

        In my view, the 2nd Amendment allows me to use weaponized deadly force when deadly force is threatened to me, my family, or an unarmed citizen. The threat of deadly force, especially the threat of interracial deadly force was absolutely not occurring on the beach that day. Therefore, guns solve nothing here.

        The other day, around 39th street on the Lake Shore Trail a bunch of young black teens refused to move off the trail and said derogatory things about me as I rode by on the grass. Here’s the funny thing: cops, with GUNS were standing about 25 feet away. They ain’t scurred of guns. They ain’t scurred of cops.

        The risk of getting struck by lightning and being an innocent bystander killed in a gang initiation like you’ve hinted is approximately equal. I think you’re just more unfamiliar with the community than I am (grew up white in gangland, went to black schools, know a few real gangstas but mostly kids who were posers in high school and now 1) Have families and jobs, 2) Serve our country in the military, 3) One M.D. (who lit a guy’s car on fire in high school), one lawyer.

      • lucky

        if the guy on the bike that got his ass kicked [thankgod thats all that happened]had a gun he might not be in the hospital now.

      • Jenny

        Kind of hard to tell the “posers” from the real deal when you’re being shoved off your bike while riding on the bike path. There have been a couple reported, but many, many others have been knocked down. The Mayor, the police and the residents along the gold coast want to keep it quiet. I’ll bet the family of the 22 year old recent graduate who died with a bullet in the BACK of her head wished she had had a gun with her. These people are NOT posers if they’re blocking the bike paths,knocking people over or shooting. Whatever happened to passing people on the beach and saying “hello”. These idiots are animals!

    • LEL MN

      Tough to Conceal Carry while wearing a Speedo. You’d need a little tiny gun, too small to be effective.

      • JR

        Not if you are Anthony Weiner. He appears to have plenty of room to conceal a gat.

    • Robin

      YEP!!!! That would put an end to the gang violence real quick! Most people who get a FOID card get traiing and so are probably better shots than the thugs who buy them black market and think they can go all “gansta”

      • Mr. Justice

        You are correct.

    • lizzzard

      yeah, armed citizen vigilantes, that’s the answer. and what if you or your loved ones gets hit in the crossfire? a conceal carry permit doesn’t make a person a sharpshooter.

      • Barkley Pontree

        While I fully support citizens without any stupid arrests in their background (like DUIs or other bad judgement type stuff) should be able to conceal or open carry, you should be required to qualify just like federal agents need to do. Someone carrying a legal gun who can’t hit the broad side of a barn is about as bad as the gang bangers in a shoot out. And no, Mr. Justice, just because you get a CC card does not make you a good shot in a stressful situation. Life ain’t a still target at 10 yards.

      • fuster

        You’re right, gun control seems to be doing great things for your city. The gun ban probably means Chicago is one of the safest cities in the country, right?. Guns are also banned in Mexico and the whole world has seen how much of a wonderful place that is. I’m using sarcasm, in case you as intelligent as i believe you to be. A concealed carry permit doesn’t make you a sharpshooter,however it does teach you to shoot the gun the correct way, not turned sideways like some chimp with a stick.

      • fuster

        If you can’t hit the broad side of a barn you won’t pass the test. If you can’t read,and write in english at a high school level, you won’t pass the concealed weapons test. Nobody really knows how they will react in stressful and dangerous situations until it happens. With a some training and the skills required to pass a concealed weapons permit test you have at least a chance at defending your loved ones rather then wait 45 minutes for the cops to show up and accidentally shoot you or your children because they were confused.

      • Mr. Justice

        Please do not make comments such as the comment you just made. It really shows your ignorance. Anyone that has a conceal carry permit knows how to shoot and shoot accurately. No one is calling for “armed citizen vigilantes” as you so put it. What we are calling for is the RIGHT to protect ourselves, our families, and property. Before you go off and start a tirade against hand guns, please do your research first. 49 states have conceal carry or open carry. The People’s Republic of Illinois is the ONLY state that does not allow either. Oh, except for the politicians they can carry. So, you tell me, are the politicians more important than your life, Mr or Mrs. lizzzard?????

      • HPS

        NO but it might take down the bad guy BEFORE he kills a lot of people.. Most people who own guns KNOW how to shoot.. but NONE of the gang bangers who have them can hit the broad side of a barn at 20 paces..but MAYBE you can help out by taking a picture with your iphone..

  • Eric Ocasio

    People are always asking more from the police and safety officers, but when they take a step and do their job to protect us, this is what we get, a media coverage questioning why. It was 6pm you had all day to party, the police decided it was a risk and made a decision. In this case you shut up you pack your stuff and you go home… Bottom line is leave the police and the mayor (who I don’t like) alone and let them do their job, stop asking why and move on to the next story CBS.

    • rjm2238

      Say Eric,
      You can go to heII. I’m not going to pack my stuff and go home because some cop thinks he is a tough guy and tells me to.
      Why don’t you go home and leave me to take care of myself? Better yet, why don’t you just do your job in as unobtrusive a fashion as possible and leave me to worry about me.
      We are not living in a Police State just yet. At least not here in New Mexico. By the way, anyone can carry any weapon they like here, pistols, rifles, shotguns with no permit what so ever.
      We have a very polite and non violent state as well. An armed society is a polite society and a free one too.
      Rich in New Mexico.

    • Poli Sci Guy

      Wow, do you completely miss the point of liberty in this country. There will always be a balance to liberty and security, but in this case, I think you’re a bit quick to give the government (who enforces their decisions at the point of a barrel…not hype, but the reality of any government) a free pass with your “the police decided it was a risk and made a decision” as well as Rahm’s “it was public health, public safety.” Neither should be a freebie to the government, especially when you’re talking about weather. It gets hot every year, and there will be plenty of hotter days this year. This is exactly the type of government decision and action that should be questioned. Whether I’ve partied all day or not, even at 6pm I’m more than capable of making decisions for myself and my family and accepting responsibility for those decisions. It’s my right. And I concur with Truth B. Told that the 2nd Amendment should be treated like the rest of the Bill of Rights.

      • Mr. Justice

        @ Poli Sci Guy……….. AWESOME COMMENTS….. It appears to me that there is a “nanny” mentality that is capturing America. People need to stand up and do for themselves not have the “nanny state” taking care of them.

    • JBnID

      If the cops are covering up civil disobedience and blaming the weather for having a problem—Chicago is lost. Your cops are corrupt, the public is the victim.

      • Don Quixote

        The cops KNOW what happened and WE are not covering it up. It was a pending riot. Metra (commuter train) police transmitted the information that a huge number of people, incidentally dressed like gang members, were coming into downtown on trains, heading for the beach. There are dozens of reports of the swarm pushing people off their bikes, physically blocking bike paths, freely stealing the contents from coolers and daring the owners to challenge them. Women were groped. – Don’t blame cops for the politically expedient comments of the mayor and the newly-imported police superintendent. WE don’t issue the false press releases; look to the mayor and the superintendent for that..
        People weren’t dispersed from the beach due to heat. THey were dispersed from the beach because the Chicago Police Dept is desperately undermanned and there weren’t enough police to control a volatile situation such as this. Police did not have the wherewithal, or the ability, to protect the public at that point.– If the media, or even YOU, want the truth, submit a Freedom of Information Act request for the 911 calls for the 1st and 18th districts that afternoon. It should be a real eye-opener.

  • Gerald Spencer

    Beach space is woefully inadequate, places like “Oak Street Beach” with asphalt and concrete slab to a deep drop off is a mere tiny piece of nothing usable but as a heat trap on hot days. Long before the younger Daley, it was decided that boat slips and docks were more important than beaches. Perhaps it is about time some of the “harbors” were turned into beaches. Chicago doesn’t need to worry about wealthy suburbanites causing riots on the lake front, just extremely intoxicated weekend alpha-males from the burbs overturning their boats and drowning their equally intoxicated passengers..

  • Jim

    Let’s not forget the added venues that serve alcohol along the lake front that was pushed by Daley. I remember him saying it would bring added revenue to the park district and I’m sure one of his connected ______ has the liqure license. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. Now, add alcohol and there’s a problem. The lake front and all parks should be free of alcohol in Chicago. Parks are for families, not drunks and thugs

  • Larry

    The City of Chicago – The Emperor Has No Clothes. End of story.

  • larry

    Nick—-don’t blindly accept that these people are “experts” at anything——–I understand your rile against the media…………but, please remember that the city and CPD want you (us, the media, public personas) to stay out of ALL of their decisions. Who to question them except the media, us , and public personas. I , for one, wasn’t at the beach and blindly accepted the initial report of overheated pedestrians as the explanation for the closure. Thanks to social networks, media, etc. for opening our eyes to the THUG-LIFE that is roaming (hunting) the beachfronts. NO-ONE should shut-up Nick——–QUESTION AUTHORITY !!!!

    • Mr. Justice

      @ larry, good comments. I agree with you. All officials should be questioned from time to time and held accountable. They work for us, the tax payer. I am not saying that we do not give them the benefit of the doubt when “snap” decisions must be made, but I am saying, that we should keep our politicians and police in check, otherwise our city, county, state, etc. becomes a police state. Just look at other countries that have allowed politicians and the police total power. With that being said, the police do need our support and help in solving and preventing crime.

    • HPS

      I have to say I am AMAZED that the MSM actually got OFF their BUTTS and looked into this….It’s about time they did their jobs.. and brought the TRUTH out in the open.. HOPE this catches on and than MAYBE we can have CHANGE.. this in NOT new for CHICAGO it’s the first time it’s been reported on..

  • Sinjin

    “Ethnic minority” I just love the ignorance. Whites are more ethnic than anyone and many “minorities” are white but because they have a catchy Spanish last name, they are given the coveted minority status. Where happened to our country? So much for being united.

    All the do-gooder and guilt ridden white liberals bend over for these Mexican and Central American and black thugs while they blame the average white citizen for all the nation’s problems. Bunch of idiots. You and your policies have destroyed out cities and now you’re turning the country into leader of the third world. All in the name of PC, votes and power.

    • how I see it

      Yep. Diversity is the opposite of the Melting Pot that used to be taught. Liberals and hyphenated-Americans are destroying this country. If you can’t just be “American” your priorities are misplaced. Oh, and today’s black community is not the legacy of Dr. King but rather an abomination.

      • blah blah

        Yeah Yeah .. whites never did wrong ..right …it’s everyone else’s fault …
        the world would be better if everyone was or at least acted like drunk middle-class cubs fans .. blah blah
        the ignorance of your own delusions amuses me no matter how you people spin them

    • Don't fool yourself

      when was the country ever “united”?

      in the 17 & mid-1800’s when there was slavery? In the late 1800’s when immigrants were shoveled into ghettos as soon as they got off the boat? At the turn of and to the middle of the 20th century when segregation and “separate but equal” were penned by our congress? Or the mid-late 20th century when there were both black and white power groups?

  • Kevin Killion

    Wow, it’s Thursday and channel 2 finally “discovered” this story. Drudge had it almost immediately.

    • bigbiz2

      Neo Con Hannity mentioned it for about 20 seconds but totally ignored the reality of all the instances were Blacks..Blamed it on “youth” culture. Uber Neo con O’reilly didn’t mention it at all.

  • JoeAstroturf

    Maybe Ballerina Rahm can get them in Jeremiah’s “Down Low Club” like some more important people have belonged too. Do a google search before they change it and find out who used to belong. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. No wonder they know what teabaggers are in the White House.

    Check out song called “teapartiers I can’t hear you” on youtube

    Here’s a verse

    Doctors are retiring earlier but we’re getting 17000 new IRS
    This is how Obama creates health care jobs I guess
    For 234 years this country’s been God’s blessing.
    Now he’s following Cloward and Piven’s to bankrupt the country I’m guessing
    If Obamacare gives Grandma and Grandpa a scare
    Think how when their rationed and die earlier we’ll save on healthcare

  • Gibbs Bentley

    “The great enemy of clear language is insincerity.
    When there is a gap between one’s real and one’s declared aims, one turns, as it were, instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish squirting out ink.”
    ~ George Orwell —

  • Clearhead

    YES !!! Just one gang of criminals caused the shutdown — the one led by Rahm Emanuel.

  • lukuj

    It is difficult to believe that it has never been hot enough in Chicago before that some people didn’t get sick from the heat. Have the beaches been closed for this reason before? Here in Texas any day the pools are opened or peole go to swim in the golf during the summer it is hot enough that some people get sick, but the pools and beaches are closed for that reason. So I think that the gang problem thing is the most logical conclusion, but not the most politically correct one since minorities might be involved. Thus the police came up with the heat thing. I could be wrong, but I would be VERY surprised. If the heat excuse is true, then the beaches should be closed every time it is hot since there will always be stupid people who don’t know how to recognize when they are too hot.

    • lukuj

      typo – Gulf and “but the pools and beaches are NOT closed for that reason. By brain goes faster than my fingers, and I forgot to proofread.

      • Don Quixote

        Seriously, if heat was the issue, wouldn’t it make more sense that people simply go into the nice, cool lake a hundred feet away? OBVIOUSLY, heat was not the issue.

  • Doomed

    I can see Detroit from Chicago.

    • wlkelly

      You are right on the target. It’s gonna take a while, but it appears Chicago is definitely on the Detroit track. Philadelphia had the greatest exodus of whites in the past ten years than any other city in the U. S. It’s another city overtaken and on a path to destruction thanks to the thugs, aka “Youths”, being permitted to overrun the business district with impuntiy. What’s really sad is they have an outstanding smart, likeable Black Mayor who tends to act “too White” according to his fellow negroes. There’s no stopping the decline. It’s too late. Too many people are getting handouts and refuse to give them back. Anyone who threatens to take away the gifts bestowed upon them by the Democrats is a dead man/woman walking——at least until the whole thing collapses on itself which appears inevitable.

  • m79

    the petri dish that produced barry soetoro.

  • Ed Ruffin

    You yankees are seeing first hand why we kept blacks segregated. So has every nation and empire for 6000 years. You liberals were so arrogant telling us how racist we were and how enlightened you were. The epitaph for USA will read died of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

    • Andrew

      You do realize that most blacks are law-abiding, tax paying citizens who make a positive contribution to society, right? The fact that you are endorsing segregation just means that you are weak minded and socially deficient. You would make for a poor warrior, for you can’t even identify your enemy. All you can do is say, “Brown people! Scary! Keep ’em away!!” You’re a coward.

      And what do you mean “were” racist? You’re still racist.

    • Stats

      Dont blame “non white” Americans for all the problems. Whites have their issues to. Who we need to blame is our Govenors and Mayors for providing good policies to help keep the American people satified. All segregation would do is start riots and their would be even more violence.

      • John Daniel

        Yon are totally out of touch with reality. A fool’s attitude like yours of not laying blame where it is obviously due is what brought this mess to America. It’s not non-whites causing the gang attacks in Chicago, it’s BLACKS! The race of people known as Negroes!

  • Charles

    Nick works for da Maya

  • Cogent advice

    Its been my experience, a little Country music or Mozart played loud and a lot of Rebel flags displayed keeps the hoodlums away.

  • C56

    This is not about race, it is about the abandoment of a father figure and personal responsibility. These are facts your mayor and our president do not want to face. If they did and did something about it they would lose votes.

    • Manchild in the WH

      There must be blacks in Chicago who are sick and tired of this mess. Who speaks for them?

    • Flashman1854

      You are correct. But the solution is not “to do” something about it, that’s the problem. Too much has already BEEN done about it.

      The cure:

      1) cut welfare by 90%. If a person is able bodied, then no welfare, period. If kids are starving then it’s up to the parent(s) to take care of them. GO TO WORK. If no job in Chicago, then go to the central valley of California and work in the fields – chase the illegal Mexicans out and put Americans to work.
      2) offer school voucher programs. Just divide the education budget by the number of school kids in a city and offer the parent(s) that money for school.
      3) extend this to home schoolers. Mandate that a home schooled kid must take tests every 3 or 4 months to prove they are being educated at the public school level. (I bet that in 95% of cases the home school kids out score any public school standard. If a kid does not pass the standard then his parents don’t qualify for the vouchers.
      4) any illegal use of vouchers is penalized by very stiff prison terms.

      The above would cure the problems mentioned in the other posts. It may be difficult, but it would re-build the black race.

  • Tim

    cmon, was there ever any question that the jiggers ruined the party with their barbaric behavior? Not for me.

    • Stats'

      so what do you mean jiggers? Don’t be a racist. That’s the real problem people cant seem to face. RACISM!!!

  • gram

    I gave up on visiting Chicago when the Hotel charged me $40 a night to park.
    ( ” 2% for looking in the mirror twice….”)
    If it weren’t for trade shows at Mc Cormack the town would die a slow lingering death….

  • Ed Ruffin at Sumter

    When you phony liberals can walk thru blacktown at night with your wife and daughter safely, then you can call me a racist. You can walk thru any white neighborhood in my NC town and blacks can too day or night. No go zones for whites exist in every city are an affront to our civil rights.

    • Kunta

      And yet your forefathers thought it was such a good idea to go to their country and kidnap and imprison them and force them to work hard labor as slaves. I guess you don’t like the end result? Funny how that works,

      • Mr. Justice

        You are incorrect. It was the black man who sold other black men and women to the whites. So, get your history straight. One tribe would conquer another tribe and then take the conquered tribe as slaves. AND guess what, the tribes in Africa continue to fight and kill each other today. It goes on in almost every African nation. So, stop spewing your verbal ignorant vomit.

      • All the Truth

        The reality is BLACKS sold blacks into slavery first, off the gold coast of Africa. YES, English and French capitalized on it and grew the disgusting business but it all started with black tribes attacking other black tribes and selling the men and women they didn’t want. Often for weapons they did want to maintain and increase their control of the region. If your up for the truth take it all. It was also the English who first outlawed it AND Northern Whites who fought and died (along with blacks) to free slaves. Not all Whites are racist and not all blacks are violent – so lets stop the BS and finger pointing and have intelligent people from all sides come up with a solution.

      • Crypto

        Read nation of Islam book the secret history of blacks…
        Black and white have been fooled.

        The truth shall set you free.

    • JesusWasBlack!

      actually, you have no clue what you are talking about…all ya racist forefathers and ancestors traded their white sheets for police badges….it is not safe for any minority to go outside of their homes nowadays without being harrassed…

  • bigbiz2

    I care if they LIE about why the beaches are closed.WE as a nation are never going to improve the situations blacks and mexicans find them selves in unless we are truthfull. It’s veiled racism to allow them to denegrate themselves … and just look away because they are not expected to “act White”
    There were a minimum of 7 cities having violence instances over Memorial Day..ALL BLACK but the media didn’t say a peep..they like to insult the teen or youth community by calling THEM “youths or teens”

    • Darlene

      “I care if they LIE about why the beaches are closed”

      10000% true. And to send your new police superintendant all over the radio shows to lie about it further. LOL.

      Let’s see what they say when they close down the beaches next time.

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