Gasp! Ketchup Offered At Macy’s Hot Dog Cart

CHICAGO (CBS) — In what may be taken as another affront to Chicago tradition – the store that used to be Marshall Field’s was operating a hot dog cart Friday that offered ketchup as a condiment.

The Macy’s Chicago flagship store, at 111 N. State St., had a hot dog cart operating for the lunchtime crowd Friday in the Pedway just outside the entrance to the food court area.

The cart had all the fixings – Vienna beef hot dogs, poppyseed buns, sport peppers, sweet pickle relish, kosher pickle spears, chopped onions and tomatoes.

But there, sitting next to the obligatory mustard bottle, stood a red squeeze bottle of that very un-Chicagoan hot dog condiment, ketchup. And it wasn’t just for special requests — those who ordered hot dogs would find the vendor offering it with all the other fixings.

But it might have seemed like adding celery salt to the wound for some Chicagoans who remain unhappy about the decision to drop the Marshall Field’s name in favor of Macy’s back in 2006.

In fact, the group that led protests against the nearly 5-year-old change, Field’s Fans Chicago, remains active. And the group says in a survey it conducted last month, 79 percent of respondents would rather have the Marshall Field’s name back.

While preparing for the transition from Field’s to Macy’s in 2006, another un-Chicagoan mistake appeared – that time in the form of floor-plan maps found inside the store.

As CBS 2 reported at the time, the maps showed three of the streets bordering the store as “Washington Avenue,” “Randolph Avenue,” and “Wabash Street.” But as any Chicagoan knows, it’s actually Washington Street, Randolph Street and Wabash Avenue.

And as for hot dogs, even President Barack Obama said you shouldn’t put ketchup on them.

Macy’s, of course, is a New York-based company that caters to many markets across the country, including some where ketchup on hot dogs may, in fact, be the prevailing taste.

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Adam Harrington,

  • Sandy

    I don’t know where it came from that ketchup doesn’t belong on hot dogs Im almost sixty and I’ve alway had ketchup on my hot dogs and I was born and raised right here in the heart of Chicago if you eat tomatoes on your hot dog you are eating ketchup in its purest form

  • Arjay

    So Sandy,what part of the “heart of Chicago” are you from? Glencoe? Highland Park? Lake Forest? No one from Chicago who has any sense ever puts ketchup on a hotdog!

  • MissyC

    Im from Bridgeport, been putting ketchup on my dogs my whole life. There’s a hotdog and there’s a Chicago Style Hotdog, Just because your in Chicago doesnt mean you dont have a choice. Most people, even if they dont use ketchup will omit a condiment or something, nothing wrong with that either.

  • vincent

    …And I thought we were all done with the Wiener stories this week….arghhh.

  • Don

    This is news?

  • Bob

    I have always put ketchup on my dogs also.

  • Clint Eastwood

    I too don’t understand what the big “sin” is for putting ketchup on a hot dog is? It’s a condiment (and a rather tasty one I might add) and therefore worthy of my hot dog and bun.

    For the record the best hot dog in Chicago was Little Eddy’s at 59th and Pulaski. Growing up on the SW side of Chicago, Little Eddy’s was always a treat.

    The only thing that comes close to that now is at Portillo’s.

    • Jen

      My dad owned Little Eddies in the 80’s-he did make the best hotdogs, among other favorites that I fondly remember-thanks for remembering a classic Southside favorite!

  • Navi

    Oh shut up with this non-story. There ARE people in Chicago who love ketchup on hotdogs! It is a condiment. Deal with it!

  • mel

    It’s just a cute Chicagoan artical, chill.

  • mary

    another reason to avoid them like they had bedbugs. they just don’t get chicago.

  • tom

    Any story with the word “Gasp!” in the headline shouldn’t be taken all that seriously. You people should really lighten up!

    And ketchup shouldn’t be on a hot dog. I can certainly see it being offered at a restaurant in the suburbs, but not at a cart in the heart of the city.

  • da Taste

    That’s It Macy’s, get out of town, we don’t need no stink-in ketch-up, unless its at 70% off……

  • True Chicagoan

    “Oh… they must of been from New York.”

  • Peace-N-Love

    People, other than children and the mentally challenged, should not put ketchup on hot dogs! What worse that made my mouth drop was when some clown put ketchup on an Italian beef! I almost did society a favor by shanking his ass with my plastic fork.

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