Bodies Doubled Up Again At Cook County Morgue

CHICAGO (CBS) — The Cook County Morgue is once again double-stacking bodies on trays in its cooler.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Steve Miller reports, at least 30 trays are being stacked on the cooler at the county Medical Examiner’s Office, 2121 W. Harrison St.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Steve Miller reports

“We should’ve had a burial in September but we didn’t,” said county Medical Examiner Dr. Nancy Jones.

There are several reasons why no burial happened, Jones said.

One reason is that the plain wood coffins for unclaimed bodies, which the Medical Examiner’s office calls burial shells, may be on back order.

Dr. Jones did not dispute the number WBBM Newsradio got from sources, that 30 trays in the cooler have two bodies on them.

“We’re a little full right now,” she said.

“You only put two very thin bodies – in opposite directions” on a tray, Jones said.

WBBM Newsradio reported on double-stacking in the morgue in January.

At that point, Jones blamed an upswing in deaths at the end of the previous, year, and a backlog that was created because the holidays fell on Saturdays and funeral directors were not coming in.

Also, then as now, coffins were on back order, Jones said at the time.

Earlier this week, the Medical Examiner’s office announced a new policy of donating some unclaimed bodies to the Anatomic Gift Association for use in medical science.

But as to whether that new policy would alleviate some of the overcrowding, Jones’ answer was, “very little.”

  • ablecynic

    The only problem with double stacking them is that it takes more time to get them out to vote. And Rahm will need a lot of help getting out the Obama vote next year.

    • Natassia

      Too funny!

  • Zipperhead

    @harn Warren coo-co coo-co coo-co

  • Arvadadan

    Just use the tried and true Chicago method of the 55 gal drum and cement, should be able to take care of the problem quickly…

    • T.Wilson

      I was wondering – is Lake Michigan full?

      • freecheese

        Yup, let them join Jimmy Hoffa! Jimmy ia peobably still registered democrat voter !

  • morgus_the_magnificent

    Hmmm. 48-hr, rigor erection. Yeah I’ll share a cooler there with a female.

  • Chuck-in-TX

    Ha… Jacob somehow knew this was on Drudge to begin with. Unless he has Internet ESP… then I suspect he linked here from Drudge as well.

    • freecheese

      Hey, liberals: Drudge doesn’t write or comment on one damn thing on his page. He links every major newspaper in the world and posts it.
      You liberals still have a hard-on against him for breaking the story of Monica Lawinski, while Dan Rather ignored the story — even after impeachment was on the horizon.
      Hmm . Dan “retired to spend more time with his family,”. .SUDDENLY

    • Buck O'Fama

      Yep, that story was on Drudge, along with about 30 others and links to hundreds of writers. Are you trying to point out you’re a brain dead liberal idiot? Good job, you’ve convinced me

  • Truth Detector

    “Bodies Doubled Up”

    So what?

    You’ve never heard of a ‘body double’?

    Happens all the time — mostly in Hollywood…

  • Satchmo

    Chop THEM UP and FEED them to the PIGS!!!!!!

    • SUPER16

      Chop ’em up and feed ’em to the welfare slugs.

      • amplitude jones

        feed the welfare slugs to the pigs…get the pigs big for when we turn them loose in muzzy lands..

  • Truth Detector

    “You only put two very thin bodies – in opposite directions” on a tray…

    Even in death the morbidly obese receive special treatment.

    The Biggest Loser — Has a whole new ring of truth to it, no?

  • Paper or Plastic

    Plain wooden coffins? No plastic for those tree huggers? Really, one should have a choice. How insensitive!

  • Kingfish

    Have they not heard about cremation or is there some kind of “special agreement” with the coffin supplier? Faster, cheaper and uses less ground. Think how much money it would save Rahm.

    • Sue

      Exactly! What the heck is wrong with cremation? They could fit 200+ bodies in one coffin…or not and dispense the ashes in another way. I guess someone could turn up Catholic and then they’ll be sued. Oh well. Common sense goes out the window once again.

      • Ward

        Cremation is fine as long as you have permission from the family. These bodies are stacking up because there is no family to claim them or pay for their funeral expenses. Cremation is not reversible, you can dig up a buried body and cremate it, but you can’t uncremate a body. By the way we cremate more Catholics than we use to, the Pope said cremation was okay now. Also I could call Batesville Casket or Aurora Casket and have 50 caskets sitting at their loading dock tomorrow. They can’t pay for them, that is the problem.

  • Mark

    Some Hope and Change from the dope Barry and the Ballerina Rahm.

  • walter12

    This is a sad story, really. But with the black and Mexican criminals in Chicago killing each other and any white that gets too close, the morgue is going to grow.

  • AtlasObjectivist

    What’s the problem, you mean the highest sales tax rate in the country and they still don’t have the funds to bury the dead? The union leaders are retiring with six figure incomes, maybe that has something to do with it?

    • JustAGuy

      Excellent point. Those union bosses retiring with obscene pensions and the high sales tax are further examples how Chicago may very well be the graft capitol of the US.

      …and we have a Chicago Pol occupying the White House causing the destruction of this once great nation.

  • Doug Rose

    Getting them ready for the 2012 Election, eh ?

  • IVillageIdiot


    The latest in 3rd world countries… Brought to you by several generations of Yellow-Dog Dems that can’t figure it out to save their own lives, LITERALLY!

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  • DigitalBob

    They will all be voting for Obama come November 2012.

  • ontie1

    Union rules of labor, take a few more days off…besides dead guys can vote now in Chi town

  • Veronica

    That’s the one good thing about crack heads. You can stack them like cordwood. The problem is that their closest friends and relatives are either in prison or in the next compartment so there is no one to claim the remains or pay for a decent burial. Even during the Dark Ages in Europe when the ;plague hit, there were people willing to put an an honest day’s work disposing of the bodies. Not so in the DemWit ‘Paradise’ of Chicago Land!

    (and yes, I came from Drudge)

  • Truthmonster

    I love this hope and change.

  • David Maxwell

    Trash compactor

  • Tony Wise

    I’m thinking wood chipper.

  • breakfastbarron

    The reason there is a coffin backorder is because the wood used to make the coffins is the same wood used by Gibson to make their guitars. The casket manufacturers have been raided and all their wood confiscated, too.

    • Kea913

      I hate your guts. U are an Alien and you stole what I wanted to post.I will make sure that you are double stacked with a 95 year old 50lbs old lady.

  • dakpak

    Two words no one dares to whisper: Bridge Collapses.

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