Hoge: Joe Paterno Was Never Fired

By Adam Hoge-

(CBS) Joe Paterno was never fired.

Don’t believe me? I’ll let Steve Garban, chair of the Penn State Board of Trustees, and John Surma, vice chairman of the Penn State Board of Trustees, tell you themselves:

“Coach Paterno remains employed by the University as a tenured faculty member,” they said in a statement released Thursday. “The details of his retirement are being worked out and will be made public when they are finalized.  Generally speaking, the University intends to honor the terms of his employment contract and is treating him financially as if he had retired at the end of the 2011 football season.”

That’s right. Paterno is still getting paid. Penn State is still honoring his contract. And yes, they plan on sending him off into the sunset just like they would any other employee who retired after years of service to the university.

Yes, Joe Paterno was never fired.

On Wednesday, November 9, 2011, John Surma sat in front of a crowd of reporters and a group of fans who found their way into the room and said:

“The Board of Trustees and Graham Spanier have decided that, effective immediately, Dr. Spanier is no longer president of the University. Additionally, the board determined that it is in the best interest of the University for Joe Paterno to no longer serve as head football coach, effective immediately.”

The fans in the room gasped. Some reporters did too. The headlines were immediately written: “PATERNO FIRED”. The students rioted.

After 61 years at Penn State, the unthinkable had happened. Joe Paterno did not leave Penn State on his own terms. He had been fired.

Or so we thought.

As if no one would notice – and oddly, no one did – the Board of Trustees released their statement Thursday revealing that Paterno was still being paid as a faculty member and that the university intended to “honor the terms of his employment contract and is treating him financially as if he had retired at the end of the 2011 football season.”

In other words, Penn State didn’t fire him. They suspended him with pay for the rest of the season and now that the season is over, Paterno is willfully retiring.

You may recall that earlier on Nov. 9, Paterno announced he would retire at the end of the season, but would not step down immediately. It’s evident that from the time of that announcement, until Surma sat down in front of the microphone later, the Board of Trustees found a creative way of honoring that retirement while also satisfying the public calls for Paterno to never coach another game.

Read Surma’s words carefully. All he said was that Paterno would “no longer serve as head football coach, effective immediately.” He never used the word “terminated” or anything of that nature.

Yes, we were had.

So why is the Board of Trustees coming clean now? Well, they didn’t really mean to. Thursday’s release came as a result of criticism from Penn State alumni who feel Paterno was treated unfairly. The first sentence of the statement says:

“Many alumni have asked why the Board decided to remove Coach Paterno from his position as Head Football Coach.”

Yes, two months later, the Board still feels the need to explain why they removed Paterno and, quite frankly, the Penn State alumni still questioning that action should be embarrassed by the fact that the Board still has to do that.

Paterno knowingly allowed Penn State to be used as a vehicle for child rape. He failed to protect our children and he aided the cover up of the most heinous of acts by not telling authorities what he knew.

How do Paterno supporters not understand that?

Unfortunately they don’t. But even more unfortunate is that the Penn State Board of Trustees is still worried about this sentiment. Instead of realizing how ridiculous it is and letting those people soak in their own ignorance, they gave into the pressure and released a revealing statement intended to make Paterno supporters feel better.

In doing so, they assured them that Paterno was never fired.

And, as a result, the Penn State Board of Trustees proved that like the misguided Paterno supporters, they never felt like Paterno really should be punished. They simply gave into the public pressure to fire the longtime head coach, but instead of firing him, they created a clever way to make it look like they did when in reality all they did was sneak him peacefully out the back door.

I wonder how Jerry Sandusky’s victims – especially the post-2002 victims – feel knowing that instead of termination, Paterno simply received a four game suspension.

Nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

They used a band-aid when they needed stitches.

This is why Penn State University needs to be completely gutted. Not just the school president and the athletic department. Garban, Surma, every board member and any other person at Penn State with any sort of power needs to go. While publicly they are trying to paint a picture of change and remorse, internally all they are doing is trying save their own asses while protecting people like Paterno.

In other words, the Board has been playing both sides. They don’t care about the victims of child rape. They just want to make everyone happy.

Especially Paterno.

In reality, all they are really doing is showing the world how the hell Penn State let this tragedy happen in the first place.

adam hoge Hoge: Joe Paterno Was Never Fired

Adam Hoge

Adam is the Sports Content Producer for CBSChicago.com and specializes in coverage of the White Sox, Blackhawks and college sports. He was born and raised in Lincoln Park and attended St. Ignatius College Prep before going off to the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he earned a Journalism degree. Follow him on Twitter @AdamHogeCBS and read more of his columns here.

  • Meatless Meatball

    This is the most important article about PSU that has yet been written, Adam. The. Most. Important. It shows, beyond the shred of any doubt, that Penn State is an evil organization run by evil, duplicitous people who bald-facedly lie — and the despicable members of the Pennsylvania media should be shamed along with the Board, Paterno, and everyone else associated with power at that corrupt university.

    Let’s say it one more time, all together, so everyone can hear: Penn State University is an evil organization. Whatever else it serves as, it serves to cover up and facilitate child rape in order to keep its football program intact. It needs to be dismantled immediately.

    • canthony

      You moron. Please, stay away from these blogs, since you have no idea whatsoever what you are talking about.

    • Julie Ann Racino

      I did not hear any of the details of the child rape charges, so do not feel in a position to comment on whether they are trumped up or factual charges. However, the news media responding with heqdlines the next day does faciilitate a different decision than would be made behind closed doors. The trouble with most of these areas is that there is either an expose (usually on the charge, not a conviction) or all good-all bad decision (treated as total guilt or not guilt) making behind closed doors.

    • john

      Did Coach Paterno molest anyone? NO. Actually, he never violated any laws and is simply guilty of being “politically incorrect”. Not following the political philosophy of the liberal leftwing is not grounds for bveing terminated as coach. if he had actually been fired, then the school would have faced a wrongful termination lawsuit and would have paid big bucks to Paterno.
      Certain people at the school molested other people and they are the ones who should be punished; not the ones who failed to display political correctness.
      being PC is not a law and is the worst thing to ever happen to this country in the past 200 years.

      • John P.

        Yeah, because if you don’t molest children your a PC liberal. Only conservatives molest children. Thanks for straightening me out about that.

      • John Herbster

        LOL @ not reporting or not reporting child molestation simply being a matter of political correctness. You’re an idiot.

      • J Spiker

        I wonder how many other 84-year old pedophile enablers Penn State has on the payroll.

      • Daisy

        Let me get this straight, John. You have a boyfriend who is raping children you’re both paid to instruct/care for in their parent’s place. You knowingly cover up your boyfriend’s heinous crimes and in this way aid and abet your boyfriend so that you both get to keep your jobs/paychecks and you think it’s PC nonsense to fire you?!!!!

        How about some moral correctness? Paterno belongs in jail. For life.

        BTW, I’m an actual Conservative.

      • Hazmat77

        Without personally reviewing Paterno’s Employment Agreement, which I assume you haven’t, how can you say if he was fired he have prevailed in a wrongful termination lawsuit and would have been paid big bucks?

        If his contract contained a moral turpitude clause, his failures (unethical conduct) to pursue proper remedies against Sandusky might be interpreted to put Paterno in violation of his contract.

      • tngilmer

        If being against pedophilia and child sexual abuse makes one a liberal leftwing, sign me up. If supporting a pedophile enabler makes one a conservative, its time to round all of you up and find some rope.

      • ETM

        The trustee’s are now guilty of the same sort of failure that started this whole thing. They intentionally did as little as they could to correct things while intentionally making as meaningless statements designed to mislead the public and cover their butts. They misled the public, knew that Paterno was not fired, and when every newspaper and website in the country repeated their lie they hid that fact by not issuing a clarification. That is lying to the public, alumni, students, donors….

      • sam

        he came. he saw. he did nothing.


      • astralweeks

        I think you’ll find that most members of NAMBLA are liberal left wingers.

      • Fed Up

        Nomaybe he did not actually molest anyone BUT if Penn State is an institution that wants to be looked at as setting an example, as the epitimy (spelling?) of education and to promote the kind of student it turns out then it should be held up to a higher standard. Meaning that even if he did not commit the actual crime he knew about it and has probablywonder over the years about things yet he chose to do nothing. As adults and human beings we should be dedicated to the protection of our young but as seen here that is not the case. Animals take better care of their young. Paterno is a great disappointment and I am sorry I ever paid them money to educate my son and by the way I was quite disappointed with that as well. But that is another story.

      • rufus levin

        he is guilty of being a self centered immature sports jock idiot with only his own personal interest at heart. he does not belong NEAR an educational institution at all.

      • Dee

        Certain ADULTS molested and RAPED CHILDREN and Joe Paterno looked the other way. If you are going to reply at least have the guts to say it like it is

      • Jon

        While what Paterno did wasn’t right, they would have had a hard time making a case for a rightful firing. He did all he had to do under Pennsylvania law. Should he have pushed harder? Yeah, I think we can all agree to that. However, what he should have done and what he did do, isn’t the standard of proof in this case when it comes to Paterno.

        His contract likely has a morality clause in it, however, it’s hard to make the case that he acted immorally when he responds to a situation by doing everything he was required to do by law. Had he sat on it and not told anyone, then yes, he’s an accessory and should be fired and they can make that case. But he didn’t do that. He fulfilled his legal obligation and would then meet the bare minimum of the moral requirements.

    • Bagwhan

      So all this time Meatless has actually been Dan Bernstein. Take a deep breath Danny, its not the end of the world. Quit making your BP run concurrent with the latest development from that place. You’ve stroked the “entertainment’ portion of this story enough now.

    • CurtFrantz

      Paterno, who was busy running a major program helping thousands of young people, met his legal obligations. Perhaps he failed on ethical ones—how many people are in denial about wrongdoings large and small in their lives? How many liberal posters to this blog are in denial about President Obama? Sandusky did great harm to a small number of children, this horrendous, psychologically needy President and those that have enabled him in Congress and elsewhere are non-sexually raping (financially, culturally, morally) the country and all of its children. That harm far outstrips what Sandusky and Penn State turning a blind eye did. Where is the real outrage? It’s almost a guarantee that those in the “hang Paterno” crowd support Obama. They are envious of quality people who have had a long, successful, honorable career. (There are no liberals about which that can be said, except by other liberals.) Obama is to Sandusky as the mainstream media (and all liberals) are to the Penn State President, VP and AD. The country and future generations are as Sandusky’s victims.

      • Lyndia

        How did Obama get into this? He did not molest those boys. You are making yourself look like a bigger fool than you already are. I realize that you hate that a Black man is sitting in the White House and from the looks of things, he is going to be there another 4 years and their is nothing you can do but to try to connect Obama to the Penn State is stretching it over the border of insanity.

      • sam

        this has nothing to do whatsover about what you just said. you are totally on the wrong track. this is very simple; so simple you and so many others have missed it, and believe it or not-so simple there is no need for name calling in order to try to bring a point across. jp knew of the child rape and yet did nothing about it. However-had it been his grandson or grandaughter that was raped-i bet you he would most have certainly did something about it and asap!! in plain simple english-he did nothing about it because it did not affect him directly. put yourself in his shoes; would you have called the police if you knew a child was being raped in your building??? well, would you??

      • CurtFrantz

        I see I touched a nerve in liberals. There was the typical, emotional knee jerk reaction of a charge of racism (I would vote for Herman Cain in a heartbeat). Obama was mentioned because the “hang Paterno” crowd are his supporters. They hate classy people as they feel devoid of class. It is part of the class envy that Obama promotes. And Obama policies are molesting us all and will for children yet born. For a far better article than this editorial, see what the great man himself says: http://apnews.myway.com/article/20120115/D9S941202.html

    • boomer


      Paterno certainly should have been fired. But, imprisoned for life? No way, especially since he DID report what he had heard to the president of the university. If anyone other than Sandusky should be imprisoned it would be the president since the ball, finally, was in HIS court.

      • sam

        boomer. what in the world do you think 911 is for?? whats with all the promulgation of this illegal act against a child to other members of the univ. staff, but not to Police authorities?? they all knew what was at stake-that is why they did not report it to the Police. God is watching this whole scenerio to see if the university, jp, et will take rsponsability for there actions. when they will not-watch God finally step in. mark my words.

      • boomer


        As I said, Paterno should have been fired, but as far as I can tell, PATERNO violated no criminal statute since he DID report what he had heard to his superior, the president. Morally, should he have gone to the police as well? Absolutely. But that is well short of a criminal violation.

    • My$.02

      Bah Humbug

    • Tgg312

      Joe Paterno did exactly the right thing legally and morally. The authorities unfortunately didn’t do their jobs and the truth will come out in their trials. Hoge and his like who make this all about Paterno are shameless hypocrites.

      • Josey Montana

        You are a fool, Tgg312. Please return to the peasant hovel that was your greatgrandpapa’s home before he washed up here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave to pass the buck and cower before The Man.

    • Scorecards

      Wonderful. Now explain this to the hundreds of children battling cancer whose families have been financially saved by Penn State students standing out in the cold trying to collect a buck from idiots like you and who stand on their feet for 48 hours (its called THON) pleading for contributions to save these children.

      • Mike

        You, Josey, are a complete moron. The kids are trying to do something good for the soul and you bash them?..figures you’d be a fan on this journalist..both are the same breed..

      • Josey Montana

        Dearest obtuse Mike,
        If those kids (they are only men and women when it’s convenient to call them such) want to do something good for their soul, they can attend Morning Prayer next Sunday and beg the Lord’s forgiveness.

        “THON” is a racket and you would understand that if you were an actual personality. But you are not — you are acting under a form of brainwashing.

        Must fly now. Ta ta!

      • Josey Montana

        Ummm… long before the Nittany Illiterati tried to make it catchy (or maybe you are just lazy), it was called, “The Annual Penn State Dance Marathon”. Some of us even participated as actual dancers and as musicians and as assorted helpers.

        Begging for money in the streets, obstructing traffic, endangering their own lives not to mention the lives of all in the traffic flow who must now contend with their unwanted and unauthorized presence, would have been unthinkably ghastly behavior.

        But that’s how the Nittany Lie-ons operate:in your face, “Look at me – I’m awesome!” etc etc.

        The rest of us are simply disgusted by your self-absorption and complete, almost sociopathic disregard for anyone else.

    • JMK

      The. Most. Important. Article. written about Penn State? I don’t think you have read many other articles if that is your opinion, Meatball.

  • Zatso

    Adam, a beautiful article that brings this sad situation into perspective.

    Thanks for the fine writing.


    • 3stixsays

      Fine writing? Beautiful article? What a bunch of sh**. Here is a fine example of Adam’s fine writing “Paterno knowingly allowed Penn State to be used as a vehicle for child rape” Paterno fired Sandusky in 1998 and subsequently banned him from PSU facilities in 2002 after he heard of the incident from McQuery and reported it to the head of the campus police. He also followed up a couple weeks later and was told there was an active investigation. I guess he should have kicked down Sandusky’s door and executed him on the spot. Would that satisfy you haters?

      • JMK

        I agree – I think the people making these comments must be related to the writer.


    I don’t remember what SMU did to deserve the death penalty, I think USC was about as shocking as revelations about professional wrestling. College students need money for tattoos? How quaint!
    What a quaint bunch of problems.

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  • omstrat

    Disgusting ..that college needs to be dismantled

    • momiac

      No it doesn’t. How the h e l l can you condemn an entire organization because of one man – SANDUSKY. If you had a family member accused of an atrocity, would you expect to be shunned? Give me a break. Penn State is an icon. It’s located in a beautiful place.., and mental midgets such as yourself need to get a life.

      • tngilmer

        Pedophile State University is a home for pedophiles and pedophile defenders like you, momiac.

      • rufus levin

        your ICON is a POS.

    • MadCharles

      They all need to be dismantled…

    • ksinva1

      you are an idiot.

      • VulturesPicnic

        What escapes me? The grand jury testimony was posted online. This didn’t just happen yesterday, and yet Sandusky was still given access to the facilities. Something that Paterno could’ve stopped immediately and completely with no argument from anyone in the Penn State hierarchy. Why he didn’t is going to come out at trial? Then why has Louis Freeh been retained to run interference (football term for you) for the University. Plenty of good lawyers out there, why the former head of the F.B.I.?

  • Jack Warm

    Morons …. All of you….. What Crime has Paterno committed? He did what he was suppose to do, but Penn State did not follow through. The police failed to follow through. The trustee’s failed. I live in State College, I know the people involved. Why are you trying to Lynch him?

    • VulturesPicnic

      So you are aware of the Santorum connection to Sandusky’s foundation? Care to comment on that?
      Paterno is not guilty of an overt, technical crime. He should have turned his “pal” over to the real police, not the college cops, immediately. And then banned him from everything connected with Penn State. What part of that escapes you? Why would anyone not do everything possible to get this guy Sandusky away from the university. That’s where we “morons” are coming from.

      • Zatso

        with you non this one!

      • ksinva1

        and what part of waiting to find out exactly what Paterno did or didn’t do escapes you? That”s where he’s coming from.

      • JMK

        Penn State cops ARE real cops in that jurisdiction. They have the SAME powers that other police in the state have, so he DID report it to the “real police”.

    • John P.

      Jack, because he rapes little boys. You are having a hard time understanding that??? Stay away from my kids ok.

      • Mike

        Wait…now the media circus has you thinking that Joe raped somebody now?..
        wow..the power of the media

      • Patrick

        John, Paterno did not rape anyone. Do your homework and get the facts Right. It was Sandusky.

      • Michael L.

        Joe Paterno is not the one on trial for raping multiple young boys, Jerry Sandusky is. Jerry Sandusky is the one who was arrested by police, twice. Get your facts straight before posting.

      • momiac

        Paterno didn’t rape anyone. Would you like me to accuse you of rape just for commenting here? You make me ill. Go read a book. Try to be intellectual before posting your drivil.

      • Jack Warm

        John P just justified my disparaging my remark…. What a moron.

      • Fred Zarguna

        John, by the standards of your own evidence, YOU rape little boys.

        Stay away from your own kids, OK? And please don’t make any more. We don’t need more welfare cases from the shallow end of the gene pool creating a mess that intelligent people have to clean up after.

    • derbydoll

      Yeah, that’s right. Joepa bucked the problem upstairs and forgot it. He was just following orders. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

      • Daisy


      • Josey Montana

        Yes, exactly.

    • JGM

      Paterno is an icon where you live. Everywhere else, he is a man of immense power and influence who looked the other way when he knew something terrible was happening to little boys. He may have indeed done what he was supposed to do. But as a man of his stature, he did not do what he could have done. And that is why he is being treated as he is.

      • Lyndia

        Beautifully stated, JGM.

      • momiac

        Do you know anything about due process of law. Jerry Sandusky has not been convicted yet. There for the grace of God go I.

        You are all holding Paterno to a standard which the parents of these children seem to be exempt.

      • JGM

        Did I say Paterno should be prosecuted? Did I say he should be jailed? People are fired all the time for what the powers that be deem as bad judgment. The board obviously felt this way. It is their right to do so. And it is understandable, given the horrible impact this will have on the university in years to come.

        Whether Paterno enabled a child molester is still to be decided. But if Sandusky is convicted, it appears he did just that.

        But back to Paterno and the university, the fact that he actually suffered no real consequences, after the university said he would, reeks of hypocrisy. It’s all about PR. Penn State is a fine university, and they would do well to rid themselves of all involved in this. That is a sad statement to make, because these are real people with real jobs and families. But many other people count on the university staying strong and viable. But, that is just my opinion.

      • swissik

        like someone else said , Paterno was just following orders. As someone who was born before WWII this sounds so familiar to me.

      • Josey Montana

        JGM, thank you.

        Men like Paterno are granted awesome power and authority precisely such that they can act in the “Moment of Truth”.

        Paterno failed his Moment of Truth, catastrophically, costing God knows how many boys their souls.

        Some, most perhaps, of the “Nittany Lie-ons” are blind to this obvious moral imperative.

        Why? Because in their pathetic, vicarious lives, THEY ARE PENN STATE in a literal, almost spiritual way in which they confuse their own selves with the personality of the god-man Paterno, his “knights in armor” the boys of the football club, and the propaganda of the university, designed to fleece them of every last cent, some kind of religious ritual of transcendence and redemption.

        These fools will perhaps never understand the awful evil of Sandusky, and of all his many accomplices and accessories, before, during and after the fact. You see, Sandusky would have been IMPOSSIBLE without their blind and ferocious loyalty to the fiction of Penn State.

        May God Almighty have mercy on their souls.

    • NCAA football fan

      I don’t know how you can have a pervert friend much less one working in the building where you are the top man. Me personally, i would not want to touch the same door knobs or light switches as the “perv”. Joe really stuck around too long, and I thought that about 1999.

      • 3stixsays

        Which is why Paterno banned Sandusky from the PSU facilities in 2002. Learn the facts before you make more of an ass of yourself.

    • JM in San Diego CA

      Jack: Yes or No: Do you think Paterno realized the likelihood of his former assistant still being an active molester?

      • Jack Warm

        When Sandusky was allowed to “retire” in 1999 by the Trustees!!! Who are more at fault than anyone else at the University, I believe Joe ended all contact with Sandusky. Since 1999, I attended a number of events for both and I do not recall ever seeing them together at any of these. If they did, their would have been photos posted all across the Web.

    • tngilmer

      He could have called the real police. He could have followed up. He could have demanded that Sandusky be banned from the campus. Need more examples of what Paterno could have done?

      • Jack Warm

        You are just a little naive about this University. The Campus Police has jurisdiction. Local police cannot even write a traffic ticket on campus.The Campus police were notified.

      • Harley Rummel

        The “real” police are the PSU campus police. They are the only authprity legally empowered to deal with crime on the PSU campus. Had the Sate College police been called they would have referred the caller to the PSU police. But then thank you for giving us all a shining example of the abysmal ignorance of the Paterno haters, no less than their vomit-inducing venom.

      • Fred Zarguna

        The PSU police are not rent-a-cops. They are sworn officers and had jurisdiction. Your thoroughly misinformed comment is like saying someone told of a crime by a third party in Newark should have called the NYPD. It’s nonsense.

        Paterno could not ban Sandusky from campus. His access to facilities was part of his exit contract, likely his priviledges could only be revoked for cause. This may be difficult for a Wal-Mart greeter such as yourself to understand, but REAL employers who actually employ professional people cannot simply violate their contracts on a whim; and Paterno was not even his employer or fomer employer.

        Stop spewing hate and start learning some actual facts.

      • JMK

        I will repeat what others have said on this post – Penn State Police ARE real police. They are not “rent a cops”. And Joe did not have the authority to ban Sandusky from Penn State. People like the think he was omnipotent and all-powerful, but he did not have that authority.

    • RealContrarian

      Nice name calling.

    • JMK

      Why does everyone think that Paterno had the power to ban Sandusky from the school when he was no longer an employee there? You give Joe far too much power!

  • Kevin Fodor

    But, this also shows how the sports media breathlessly reported a story that wasn’t so. When all it would have taken was to ask a simple question…”Sir, are you saying that Coach Paterno’s contract as head coach has been terminated? Has Coach Paterno been fired?” But, of course, no one dared ask that question in public? Again, another case of timid sports journalists here.

    • Fred Zarguna

      Oh please. Hoge and people like him — ALL or ESPN for one, which we now know has ZERO room to judge anybody else — have been everything but “TIMID.”

      Sports “Jornalists” like this one have been leading a lynch mob for the last several months. They should be ashamed of themselves, and if you’re suggesting that an employer should terminate someone on the basis of a Grand Jury indictment — which is NOT adminissable in an actual court and is NOT evidence of a crime — then you should be ashamed of yourself, too.

      You can’t just fire people on the basis of stories, even when those stories have been told under oath. When actual evidence is actually examined, PSU may well have cause to fire Paterno. But they don’t now. And fortunately, the BOT is not a bunch of morons like the people writing and posting to this blog.

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  • jocko

    So I guess you just weren’t paying attention. Paterno was fired as the head football coach as I guess everyone but you knew. And no, he was still a faculty member as I guess everyone but you knew. I suggest you do some research before writing about what you dont know. Maybe reading the Harrisburg paper a month ago would have helped.

    • Greg T

      The university never said he was fired. the Media assumed he was. Paterno was put on “suspension with pay”, until the end of the season, which is now over, and he is still employed until his retirement. He was not fired. Didn’t you read the article? It was what the article was about.

      Paterno did report the incident to his superiors. He put in motion the process for the actual witness to be interviewed by Paternos superiors, the two people who were fired over the incident, for not following through according to university policy. At the time, Paterno was not the supervisor of Sandusky, and woudl not legally be involved in meetings between the Asst Coach and Sandusky.

      Paterno, not having first hand knowledge of the offense because he did not personally witness it, could only be a “hearsay” witness, which is inadmissable in any court. His testimony would be as valid as if you testified against Sandusky from what you read in the papers, or if Hoge testified.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Paterno was put on suspension to act as damage control, but they had to pay him because if they didn’t there could be legal action against the university. Until such time as he is charged with something it would be very difficult if not impossible to fire a tenured professor without cause. Rumors and suspicion do not qualify. He may very well be guilty of something worthy of prosecution, at which time other actions may be taken, and rightfully so. Until then, He is innocent until proven guilty.

  • Scott Brown

    I think the author, and a lot of other people are confused about how the world works. The coach had a contract AND did nothing LEGALLY wrong. The university has no grounds to break his legal contract. All lapses in judgement aside, the coach could sue for breach of contract and win…..or they would just have to buy him out. If they did that the headline would read, “Shamed coach receives millions after fired”.

    Either way, you must accept he broke no law and will be paid what he is legally owed. End of story. No news to be found here except for idiots.

    • BC in ca

      Ahh at least one person gets this. Correct Scott

    • Zexufang Fang

      Well stated Scott.

      What happened WAS atrocious; and – regardless of how you feel and what could have been done: JoePa followed standard University policy.
      He did nothing more; he did nothing less.

      And YES, you could argue that JoePa should have and could have done MORE; but that in itself was not legally required.

      End of story.

      • Mike James

        Leaving legalities aside . . .

        Paterno knew children were being raped.
        Paterno did little to stop the crimes.
        Paterno is a P.O.S.

        End of story.

    • BC

      What is great is the breathless revelation by the writer( not journalist) about his own apparent stupidity when it came to the announcement. The announcement was made by a board that had contractual issues that were obviously apparent since you don’t fire someone that quickly without risking a massive wrongful termination lawsuit especially a high ranking official of the University. Such action, if that had fired him and terminated his contract, would clearly imply that they had a smoking gun tying Paterno directly to the crimes alleged and the crimes themselves are still only alleged at that point. The real story, if the media really were not clueless, would have been how they came to such a forceful action, to summarily fire him and terminate his contract, based upon the limited information and facts that were being disclosed at the time. Of course that is moot since it is obvious that only the most superficial understanding of both language and reality seem to be at issue with this writer. We all know what is really happening here. Hoge writes a silly sensationalist piece that gets everybody worked up, hopefully, and then he runs around pretending to be a journalist that blew the whistle on something we all missed. He has enlightened us all… The real story would be more interesting if he listened at the time of the announcement to what was obviously not a firing and only a removal as head coach. Can he possibly be this obtuse? This story is at least a one pinnochio…..yes?

  • Terry Martin

    Funny. All you Dumb A’s didn’t understand the English as it was spoken to you. Instead you let the media tell you what to do and how to react. Wake up and listen to the people who are talking not the media who are spinning. Additionally read what the Coach really did in response to being notified of the rape situation. If you read a non hyped story then you will find he did in fact report the assault to the authorities. He did his job and the authorities chose not to arrest or prosecute.

    Wise up and quit being misled by angry journalists

    • Daisy

      Grow up. What he did was equivalent to reporting child rape to a campus rent a cop, not the police. And he did so in order to keep his lousy job going. Period.

      • BC

        you may be right but just contemplate a world where you can fire someone, terminate their contract, and destroy them in the public opinion world(which is happening anyway as you can see from this board) all in a matter of a few days if you go back to that time period. I think that is much more frightening a reality to think about.

      • Harley Rummel

        Daisy, that comment warrants you in a tie for Most abysmally Stupid and Clueless Commenter. The campus police are not rent-a-cops, they are the only authority legally empowered to deal with crime on the PSU campus. Try reading the facts a bit before writing your utterly vile and uninformed garbage.I also suggest changing your name from Daisy to Crabgrass.

      • jmm1890

        Paterno reported it to the POLICE. He told the VP and Treasurer of the University and the Athletic Director. The former is responsible for the the University Park police force, a fully accredited police force and not just a campus police unit. Doing so, he fulfilled his legal and moral responsibility. He did not kick it upstairs.

        Read Yahoo Sports article “Did we get it wrong on Paterno” and the press release from the PA Attorney General.

      • David

        Actually, The Penn State Campus Police are sworn law enforcement personnel and actual police with arrest, detainment and prosecutorial powers that carry firearms. They are an actual police force, not “rent a cops”. When Paterno reported the incident to the head of the campus police he was reporting it to a judicial authority.

      • JMK

        Daisy – for the 100th time, campus police have the same jurisdictional rights as regular police. How many times do we have to say this? He told the HEAD of campus police. The very next day.

  • Neal

    As if CBS news has any credibility than Penn State does!

  • dano

    So the ass rape party is still on for next weekend?

    • Fred Zarguna

      Yeah, they’ll be showing up at your mom’s house, the way they did nine months before you were born.

  • Fred McQuiggan

    So “Paterno knowingly allowed Penn State to be used as a vehicle for child rape”?


    Looks like defamation to me.

    • JM in San Diego CA

      Nobody is defamed by the truth. Truth is the defense of libel (in the absence of malice). This first-year Law School.

      • Mr. Kerstetter

        You go to a first year law school? Maybe you should have went to an established English school first……

      • Mike James

        Mr. Kerstetter: “Should have went . . .”???

        It’s “should have gone.”

        Maybe you should have GONE to the fourth grade, Mr. Kerstetter.

      • Fred Zarguna

        Well, here’s first year law school for you JM: a Grand Jury isn’t a trier of fact, so there is as yet no evidence that a) a rape occurred or b) that Paterno knew about one or c) facilitated any.

        So, until some actual evidence emerges that there was a rape, and that Paterno knew about it, this IS defamation per se.

      • Zatso

        Sue, Sue, Sue!

  • todd Jones

    I’m not saying that Paterno did the right thing or the wrong thing, I just need more information. His GJ testimony only lasted 7 min. There was one lawyer asking all the questions with not cross examination. Are you ready to condem some one for that little information?
    Should Richard Jewel have died in prinson? Should the Duke lacrosse team be in prison?
    Let the full story come out. That is what our country is based on.

  • lwayne

    Booster money speaks a language that does not have the word ethical in it.

    • Fred Zarguna

      Lynch mob mentality speaks a language that doesn’t have any brain cells behind it.

  • Danneskjold Repossessions

    “Paterno knowingly allowed Penn State to be used as a vehicle for child rape.” If Paterno wasn’t an upstanding guy, him being 10x better than you could ever dream to be, you would be hearing from his lawyers for Libel. There was a day that Journalists were run out of town for lying in print. Shame that day has passed.

  • Media hysteria is laughable

    My God, Joe Paterno was never fired!?!!! This is an outrage!

    Think about a those hundreds of poor boys he raped!

    Wait. What?

    • ksinva1

      Huh? Paterno did no such thing. You are an idiot.

      • Fred Zarguna

        Dude, it was sarcasm.

    • JMK

      Ha ha – if ESPN and the other “journalists” had their way, we’d all be thinking that. Unreal – I got your sarcasm :-)

  • Mike Baker

    OMG – how will the world survive?? Paterno is not being tarred and feathered! I have news for you people – there are far bigger tragedies that happen everyday. Granted yes – this is horrible – horrible — but what is he obsession with Paterno??? He did NOT abuse these kids. He reported to his BOSS what he was told. WHICH in grand jury testimony it was revealed that he was NOT told all of the facts. And morons like this feel better showing how they care with this garbage rather than focus on what the AD knew and when he knew it!!!!! Maybe they should hang Paterno and that will make dopes like this sleep better. Did anyone watch the X-Factor – they had two nights celebrating Micheal Jackson as the greatest artist of our lifetime – -where is the article about that outrage???? Did he not sleep little boys?????? Granted this is a sport article – so instead of doing real homework and thinking – lets put up an article that anyone with an 8th grade education could write. Deep thinker!!!

    • Keith

      Well said Mike.

    • JMK

      Bravo, Mike!!

  • Oakley

    Didn’t you go to class in journalism school? Their statement was accurate. You didn’t listen or read carefully. And now you’re angry because you feel you were lied to?

    Grow up little boy.

  • Big Bear

    “Paterno knowingly allowed Penn State to be used as a vehicle for child rape.” Mr Hoge, this statement is completely outrageous. You are either a self righteous blow hard, or an idiot. You know no facts, but you can bloviate and stir up the mob. I hope it makes you feel better.

    • JGM

      Replace the word “vehicle” with “setting” and this statement is on target. We know as fact that Paterno was informed of what happened in the shower. We know that Sandusky was confronted about this problem more than once over the years. Maybe Paterno didn’t want to believe it, but he knew about it.

      • ksinva1

        You don’t know any such thing yet. You may think you know, but the trial hasn’t occurred and no testimony, other than the few things that have been revealed in the presentment, has been made available to you.

      • JGM

        Joe Paterno testified to the grand jury that he had been told of the incident in the shower. See pages 6,7 of the grand jury report. A lot of other people took part in sweeping this under the rug, but he, realistically, had the most power to do something.

        Again, maybe Paterno didn’t want to believe it. And any of us, in a similar situation, would probably have the same struggle to believe something so horrible. But from his own lips, we know that he was aware of it. That’s why people are upset.

      • Fred Zarguna

        You seem determined not to understand that we DON’T KNOW _WHAT_ Paterno was told.

        The Grand Jury indicted Curley and Schultz for felony perjury because their testimony was that they had NOT been informed of a sexual assualt or a rape. Paterno testified that he also was not told of such a heinous crime. Yet the Grand Jury has not indicted Paterno. Why not?

        Well… quite possibly because McQueary, who has told at least four different stories we’re aware of — including two different stories under oath — may very well not have told Paterno that he saw anything except a naked man and a naked boy in a shower together.

        This is a point in significant dispute, and I believe we will disocver at the perejury trials that McQueary has been telling different audiences different things for a long time. That is significant because most of the outrage against Paterno hinges on his reaction to this incident. And unlike the lynch mob, who is sure he was told about a “child rape.” The BOT cannot act precipitously on the basis of rumor or speculation.

  • John

    The Board of Trustees didn’t fire Paterno because he likely knows of many more skeletons in the State Penn basement.

    • Fred Zarguna

      They didn’t fire him because there is as yet no conviction for anything, he has a contract, and firing him would have required them to pay his contract out in full, along with any additional early termination fees, and quite possibly damages for wrongful termination.

  • Dave

    Ridicules. It appears that everybody but you knows that whenever a head coach, whose employment conditions are spelled out in a contract, is “fired”, they are removed from the position, they are paid through the end of the contract, but no longer have any connection with the organization.

    You don’t think that Paterno reacted with “whew, at least I’m still a tenured professor”, do you?

    College football & basketball head coaches, NFL Coaches, NBA Coaches, MLB Managers, etc. They all are employed the same way.

    And you are a sports “reporter”?

  • george

    Nothing is ever quite what it seems any more. Whether it’s Penn State or Obama at the wheel, American citizens are treated to a never-ending shell game. Little wonder the term “sheeple” had become so popular.

  • Brian

    Pedophile State University. PSU. They ARE Ped State.

    Those involved may have acted “legally”. But they did NOT act “morally”

    As a result they own the moniker, Pedophile State.

    • momiac

      Shut up. Penn State is not dead. And you most likely didn’t get accepted based on your lack of ability to communicate in an intelligent manner.

      J- A**.

      • Josey Montana

        Momiac, I’m happy you are a Nittany Lion. Penn? Too boring with all that thinking tehy do. Harvard? Puleeze. Yeeoo wudden’t understaand them, lovey.

        No, Penn State is the place for you. We ARE! Yo! Or is that, yeehaw? Yahoo!?

    • JMK

      People who call Penn State “Rape State” or “Pedophile State” are disgusting – you are making light of rape and pedophilia. Now that is some side-splitting funny stuff, huh? Pure class you all – pure class!

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