6 Held In Beating Of Teen Posted On YouTube

UPDATED 01/17/12 8:05 p.m.

Editor’s Update: Seven teens now charged in attack. Click here to read more.

CHICAGO (CBS) – Six people were being questioned by police Tuesday in a brutal attack on a 17-year-old boy in the Bridgeport neighborhood, which was videotaped and posted on YouTube.

As CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports, the assault happened shortly between 4 p.m. and 4:20 p.m. Sunday behind James Ward Elementary School in the 2800 block of South Princeton Avenue, just south of Chinatown.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports

Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said that detectives are still looking for two more suspects, and the six already being held will soon be charged.

“We’re pretty confident that we’ve got the makings of wrapping this thing up,” McCarthy said. “We’ve got six people in custody. We’ve got two more people identified, who we’re out looking for right now.”

McCarthy said the attack was not racially motivated, but was in retaliation for an earlier incident, in which 20 people attacked two teens.

“It appears to be retaliation for a previous assault. We’re confident that we’ve got the right people in custody. We think that we’ll be charging them very shortly.”

As CBS 2’s Derrick Blakley reports, the victim allegedly took part in an October attack in which 20 teens jumped on two others.

The 17-year-old victim was jumped by seven offenders and was robbed of his gym shoes, wallet and money, police said.

The video shows the young men chasing and surrounding the boy, who is clad in red sweatpants, and relentlessly attacking him. They drag him, only to punch and kick him some more. He was punched and kicked repeatedly in the face.

Some of the assailants hit the boy with chunks of ice and choked him. Finally, he laid there helpless as he was beaten. It went on for 3 minutes and 39 seconds, as an accomplice shot the video.

CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine watched the video with Police Supt. Garry McCarthy, who called it an example of what he considers a disturbing and dangerous trend.

“It’s crazy that people think that … look, this guy’s getting in there and taking closeups,” McCarthy said as he watched the video. “The fact that these kids think its okay to video this; which they’re doing on purpose, it didn’t happen by accident, somebody didn’t just say, ‘Oh, I have a phone, let’s tape this … it’s deliberate.”

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said, “Those kids doing that to another child is wrong. It is not tolerable and it does not represent what this city’s values are and the good people of this city.”

The victim eventually broke free and ran, only to have the suspects chase him down the alley.

The victim was treated and released for minor injuries at Mercy Hospital, ultimately suffering only a few cuts and bruises.

“Fortunately, you know, we don’t have serious injury or death here,” McCarthy said. “Someone picks up a brick, who knows, right? So, that’s the next step in this evolution. It becomes almost like a gateway,” McCarthy said.

According to police, the robbers took about $180 from the boy.

McCarthy said, unfortunately, it’s not an isolated incident.

“This isn’t new, unfortunately. This is a dynamic that’s been going on for a while,” McCarthy said. “Almost common, let’s put it that way. We just had an incident with a homeless getting man knocked out on a train platform, right? We were able to make arrests on that very quickly, but it’s the same exact thing. They did it on purpose, they taped it on purpose and then they put it up on YouTube.”

Asked if that’s just an invitation taunting police to find the suspects, McCarthy said, “I don’t think they think in those terms, I don’t. I think they’re thinking, you know, ‘Let’s brag about this crazy stupid thing that we’re doing.’”

“Looking at these kids, you think they know what consequence means, quite frankly?” McCarthy added. “I don’t think they know what consequences are.”

It is believed that the victim lives in Chinatown, not far from where he was attacked. Sources said he attends Marie Curie Metropolitan High School. The attackers are students at Thomas Kelly High School.

“It is awful. It’s awful that somebody around here got beaten up; young, very young,” said neighborhood resident Yan Li, who herself has an 8-year-old son and worries about him in the community.

“Pretty unnecessary, basically,” added parent Gervon Jean-Baptiste. “But what can you do? Just make sure the neighborhood watch is a little better or something; next time somebody sees something like that, they call the police or something. Instead of sitting back and letting it happen, maybe they should have called the police. They could have handled it.”

The video was posted on YouTube and removed twice. But a Reddit page on the attack drew more than 500 comments. Many even provided the names of those allegedly involved in the beating.

Community activist Andrew Holmes says social media is a useful tool in solving the crime.

“It was just disgusting, but I’m glad that the people are calling the Chicago Police Department, and posting information on video and on YouTube,” Holmes said.

In fact, police found out about the beating because so many people called them and showed them the YouTube video.

McCarthy said charges will come shortly against the six suspects now being held, and the other two wanted people are expected to surrender.

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    Good work, Citizen. Thank you.

    • rj

      LMAO batman!!! but no thats good they got their info

    • Robin

      Let’s hunt them now before the cops get ’em.

      • Centurion

        OK..lets hunt them…you take the lead. Stop talking…and start doing!

  • alex

    dude seriously

  • Robin

    easley wu’s facebook page if anyone wants it. probably from his friends list you can find whoever you are looking for.

    • Spiderman

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  • Christopher Poole

    Doesn’t sound very hateful. Sounds like someone’s lost their roots.

    • Anon

      Go away fake Moot.

  • Johnny Lin

    Based on?

  • scott

    Wow, way to make stuff up.

    And 7 vs. 1. No. Have you watched the video. Most messed up video I’ve ever seen.

    • Doesnt Matter

      It certainly looked like a bunch of thugs beating up one foreign Chinese kid. Them all smiling, him saying something along the times of “I don’t want to fight, take the shoes.” in mandarin. Plus the way he carried himself.

      I really don’t see this being anything more than a bunch of thugs ganging up on one kid.

    • alex

      jesus christ shut up

      where in the world is it ok for 6 masked and one unmasked guy beating up a smaller kid while someone videotapes it. What the hell do you think the kid did to get such barbaric and violent actions against him.

    • StopMakingExcuses

      nothing will justify a 7 on 1 beating and robbery

  • Open Hand

    for serious

  • http://www.dfosource.com/forum/off-topic-discussion/108742-young-asian-man-get-attacked-bunch-white-trash-3.html#post1454274 Young Asian man get attacked by a bunch of white trash. - Page 3 - Dungeon Fighter Online Source

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  • Dave Strider

    For realzy

  • Ken Masters

    If that was true, then there are better ways to report it to the proper authorities than a 7 on 1 beatdown. Violence solves NOTHING!!!

    • Thadeous G.

      I didn’t say street justice solves anything just showing the people in here that are calling out for street justice how it feels.

    • jnsesq

      Ken Masters – “Violence solves NOTHING!!!”

      Really, Ken? Sure solved the spread of Nazism in World War II. Sometimes when you turn the other cheek you just keep getting smacked on it, especially when you’re dealing with violent vermin.

      And who do you think will win the coming war between Christianity and Islam when one side is armed with scimitars and the other merely a ready supply of cheeks?

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    That’s seriously just hard to believe.

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    We shall put aside our differences for this man.

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  • Dia

    even if that guy did do something and a 7 on 1 beating could be justified on someone who could only plead out in broken English by some stretch of the imagination.. why are they filming it.. incriminating themselves.. and stealing his things?

    these are criminals no matter how you slice it and even if they are kids they need to learn their lesson now

    • dd

      The proper term for you would be ‘stupid.’ They are using the term because, quite frankly, racism isn’t logical.

    • John

      I find it hilarious that you are commenting on such things with the atrocious grammar you are using. High School English failed you.

    • Greg

      the only way he deserves it is if he raped someone or beat up/ harmed, 1. old person; 2. veteran; 3. small chil

      • Greg is dumb

        Yer Dumb, wouldn’t deserve that regardless

      • Will

        While, I in no way support this video, a part of me is seething in rage right now. I disagree with what you are saying. It is what you are saying that is precisely why they are wrong. It doesn’t matter what one does, following it with another act of violence makes you no different than the person of crime. While that statement reeks of naivete it is exactly what separates the people from the animals that pretend they are human. The fact that this attack was motivated by retaliation makes them no better than the person they claimed instigated the retaliation at the initial beating

      • jejozi

        So if he just beat up or raped a 30 year-old man or woman he should have got a pass?

    • Dai Uy

      The audio clearly indicates thathis was racially motivated, and should be treated as a hate crime.

    • Annie

      If we employed restorative justice principles and practices in schools and communities we would see far less escalation of incidents into violent physical retaliation. The good news is that crime is down to the lowest levels in over 30 years. The bad news is that it’s still to high; Especially, if you or someone you care about happens to be the victim. Find out about RJ and promote it in your community. Peace!

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  • Andy T

    @Freddy Wu: are you serious right now? even if the guy DID bully the others, you don’t stomp on the face of a helpless person that is begging for mercy DOZENS of times. I agree that we don’t know all of the facts, but do you think whatever that asian guy did was deserving of what he got?

  • Really now?

    You don’t need flippin proof when you saw this:
    1. They attacked him.
    2. Stole vaulable items.
    3. Cuss him out.
    4. Video tape this for what? Fun?
    To bad I can’t hunt these fools. Cause I’d get there before the cops. There is no reason to gain up on him and throw fists.

    • Mike

      Why weren’t you there when the “victim” was part of a 20 on 2 beating? Internet tough guy = you.

    • r

      What if he’s a fourth degree black belt. What if he’s 6’5″ and 200 lbs. I’m sure he could take on a group of 17 year olds.

      • Emily

        That’s not the point.

    • Dee Davis

      The biggest crime in Liberal Chicago is that the kids used the “N” word, not the beatings, theft or violence. After all racism is the biggest and most unforgivable crime these days according to Liberals.

    • Athrinel

      How would you get there before the Police Officers? The individuals are already in custody. Your a moron, however I am sure you could go rampage the police station. You may just survive that assault, for roughly thirty seconds.

      • Kylie

        You’re*. You should probably learn proper grammar before calling someone else an idiot. Just saying.

      • TheIdiotPolice

        They’re the moron and you can’t even use the correct “you’re”?

  • Rafael Vazquez

    They didn’t know him if you see in the video one of the guys says ” you Random little kid” “lets kick his ass”

    • Jack

      “random” could be an adjective here… ex. You’re so RANDOM!

      • Jack's dysfunctional brain

        ex. He’s so RANDOM rolling on the floor getting punched and kicked

    • eth

      I heard “rotten” and not “random”

  • Dee

    Not really. All I see are a bunch of kids making wrong decisions. It’s NEVER okay to pursue such violent behavior. NEVER. I don’t care if this Asian bullied them first, or stole their money, or cracked some really bad yo mama joke—-because two wrongs don’t make a right.

    There is absolutely NO excuse available that I can think of would justify this behavior. All seven of those kids deserve legal punishment.

  • Chrissie Li

    I want to know the EXACT consequences the 7 boys received. I want my tax money going to the right places!

    • lukuj

      I cana’t help but wonder if they will find some way to make this the victim’s fault or to excuse the attackers because they come from broken homes or had a bad day or something.

      • Urban Native


    • jejozi

      What’s going to happen to the kids who attacked 20 on 2? According to the police, this beat down was retaliation for that one. From the looks of many of the posts, they were doing exactly what posters want to do to them. How are you any different?

      • Urban Native

        Actually I found a number of videos posted by schoolmates of the victim that told the following story: The victim is only recently arrived to the USA and not knowing the unwritten rules, told a teacher that one of the perpetrators was copying from him. The victim also took a photo of the guy that was cheating and superimposed onto a cartoon cow. The person spreading the rumours of 20 vs 2 is the girlfriend of one of the attackers after realising the consequences of the video to try and justify the attack. Her name is Amy Holly Feng.

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