Man Charged In Merrillville Store Robbery, Murder Of Clerk

UPDATED 03/07/12 – 6:37 p.m.

MERRILLVILLE, Ind. (CBS) — Authorities have charged a 20-year-old Merrillville, Ind., man with the convenience store robbery and shooting that left a clerk dead over the weekend.

But they are still looking for two other suspects.

Jeremy Blue is charged with murder, murder in the perpetration of a robbery, and robbery, police said. He is accused of killing Judi Simpson-Beaver, 48, after he robbed the Lucky Food Mart, at 5965 Cleveland St. in Merrillville, on Sunday.

As CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports, police said Blue was identified by eyewitnesses who saw the gunman walk out of the convenience store after the robbery.

A robber stormed into the store on Sunday afternoon. In a surveillance video, he is seen wearing a mask and a dark hoodie, jumping over the counter to steal the cash register.

judi simpson beaver 0307 Man Charged In Merrillville Store Robbery, Murder Of Clerk

Judi Simpson-Beaver was shot and killed during a robbery at the convenience store where she worked in Merrillville, Ind., on March 4, 2012. (Family Photo)

Behind the counter, clerk Judi Simpson-Beaver was working alone. Police said she complied with Blue’s demands, but he shot and killed her anyway.

“This was a heinous crime. I mean, she did everything she was supposed to do. She complied,” Merrillville Chief of Detectives Jim Lilley said. “This was pretty much ruthless for him to do what he did.”

Detectives said dozens of anonymous tips, including one from a witness who saw the gunman fleeing the scene, helped police find Blue.

Simpson-Beaver’s family was thankful there was such a quick arrest in the case.

“When he was fleeing, he had lifted the face mask up and the witness had gotten a clear shot of his face,” Merrillville Police Chief Joe Petruch said.

A SWAT team surrounded Blue’s Merrillville home Tuesday until he surrendered, but Blue’s sister – who did not want her name used – said Blue didn’t do it.

“He was at home all day. … All day; he don’t do nothing, but sleep.”

But Simpson-Beaver’s son Zach Beaver, said he was confident police arrested the right man.

“I have complete faith in the local law enforcement,” he said. He and his two uncles said they hope police also catch the two men who went into the store before the robbery, and who police believe were Blue’s accomplices.

Two other men were seen with Blue in the getaway car.

“They not only hurt the community, our family, this area; they’ve also hurt their family,” Simpson-Beaver’s brother, Dee Simpson, said.

Detectives said they still haven’t recovered the gun, the mask, or the jacket used in the robbery. But they said they do have the getaway car used in the crime. The car belonged to Blue and investigators have been processing it for evidence.

Police also said they are questioning several other people in connection to the robbery.

  • S2Gu

    May they find the murderer of this beautiful mother and grandmother, may justice be swift and the sentence fit this horrendous tragedy.
    I pray that the family finds solace in the wonderful memories she gave them and know that this angel continues to watch over them.

  • Leroy Goldberg

    Wow, what a surprise. He’s one of Lyndia’s.

  • yea right

    Are people in this effing country ever gonna get mad again??? ABOUT ANYTHING??? How much longer are we going to tolerate this nonsense??? Come on people!!!!

    • chango

      I agree that it’s time to put a stop to these thugs that serve no purpose. Not too long ago justice would’ve been swift and merciless. The time has come to get angry and fight back!!!
      Since the government gives no reason to work thanks to the taxpayers, I’m sure he felt everything is owed to him. Gee, it’s not his fault the “man” be keeping him down.

      I hope people start carrying and end the problem before it begins.

  • bjmack

    I rarely comment and am against capital punishment but I would love to keep this low life alive and tortured for many, many years. I’m serious.

    • Same

      Truth is, capital punishment is the only fair punishment for this crime. 1). He’s not going to be tortured in prison. In fact, he’ll eventually be able to watch TV, read books and even play sports. 2. Justice must be fair. To me, taking a life and still being able to live is not fair.

  • Bob Hamilton

    “…he don’t do nothing but sleep”. So she confirmed that he was doing something. Hopefully she will be charged with obstruction and lying to the policeseses. Jeremy’s days are numbered. Great old fashioned police work and congratulations to the community for stepping up and providing the information.

  • Just the Average Joe

    We are never going to be able to pay for the incarceration of all these murders, so we may as well get on with the executions.

    • I didn't do it

      My idea is to harvest their internal organs and give them to honest people who are in need of transplants. This way they will be making up for what they did and they will never hurt anyone ever again. Also we don’t have to pay for locking them up

  • Bob

    Hang that MONKEY!

    • Pumpkin

      Racist idiot.. Take a class on Humaniities. All human mankind evolved from Africa. This is were your ancestor evolved from. So that means thay you are a monkey also.

      • pumpkinsmasher

        The ones that built civilizations and advanced are the ones that migrated. Look at what is Africa and it’s people.
        Is it racist to state facts like that blacks are 13% of the population and are responsible for 80% of the crimes? Or that 90% of hate crimes are blacks on whites?

  • CAUGHT! Negro Store Robber Murdered White Clerk in Indiana - Stormfront

    […] […]

  • Lois

    They got the money, there was no reason to shoot her. They have no compunction about murdering women. Savages.

  • tj

    The only difference between that mask he was wearing and his real face is that the mask was white. Hang the monkey.

  • Rome

    Wow. The crazy thing that no one probably knows is he lived 3 minutes away from the corner store. My old neighborhood.

  • don nelson

    this could be a good thing! one breeder sperm donor and probably two more are off the street ! I hate that we had to sacrifice one good for three bad but eventually this may pay off in 50 years or so.

  • Mongo

    Of course, sister is going to say, “He didn’t do nothing.” If that’s how the family speaks is anyone surprised? Let’s hope he didn’t get the chance to breed. We don’t need any more low lifes.

    @BlackPower- Are you making a threat to anyone in particular? Or are you speaking to the white people in general? Perhaps that black power should include the ability to spell properly.

  • Jasmine Woods

    As I read through the comments I was utterly disgusted. A woman was killed by gun violence. That is the most important fact of all of this. But yet we sit here and argue about race, the way someone speaks, and other nonsense, when the argument should be about what needs to be done to stop this from happening again. But judging from the comments, the idea of that may be too large for many of you to understand.

  • Jasmine Woods

    And the comment about Africa was just pure ignorance.

  • billy

    He didn’t do nuffins.

  • billy

    Most common response from “african-american” mothers?

    Not my boy!!!

  • billy

    my boy didn’t do nuffins!!!

  • heart brokin

    WOW…. its so sad to see how people think of us black people! Jeremy is my family! I first want to say I’m so sorry for this Woman who life was takin away for NO REASON!!! My heart truly goes out to her family!! This is just horrific! Now I have to say I DO NOT believe for that my uncle did this crime! He is such a loving person I don’t think its possible at all! I am a firm believer in “whats right is right and what’s wrong is wrong” so if he did do this (witch I DON’T think he did) he should stay I’m jail! As for you people talkin about my family you don’t know the half my family serves this country proudly everyday. We work hard and pay are taxis just like everyone else! An as for calling Jeremy a “monkey” its known fact that the monkey is one of the smartest animals… That’s how I know my uncle would never do such a STUPID crime! Who ever said that is just as stupid as the person who really did this crime!! God bless you all I pray that you all soon realize that it is much bigger problems in this world then the color of someone’s skin! I feel sorry for you ignorant people I know it has to suck to be you!!! You have to look at tv everyday and see all the wonderful things that my Black people are doing everyday!

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