(WSCR) It’s 2012, so when someone has something they need to say, they go to Twitter.

That was exactly the case Thursday, after 17-year-old Simeon Career Academy standout Jabari Parker announced his decision to attend Duke University during a nationally televised press conference.

Parker was debating between Duke, Michigan State, BYU, Florida and Stanford.

It safe to say some fans of the five latter schools weren’t exactly thrilled with the high school senior’s decision.

Check out the reaction from Twitter below. (Warning: Some tweets are of graphic nature.)

“F*** you Jabari Parker” – @DenverEades15

“F*** you Jabari Parker. Eat a d***. I hope you’re a bust” – @skirvydenumall

F*** Jabari Parker he is a Mormon p****!!” – @Vince_Tomasi_11

“Alright, it’s official, Jabari Parker ain’t s*** *shrugs* F*** that n****. UF ain’t want him no way… *sniffles*” – @bartolesby

“just want to be clear on how im feeling this morning…….um… F*** DUKE & JABARI PARKER” – @Unkle_Mo

“F*** Jabari Parker.. He too old to have a bald face cause of religion” – @S_Carter_Rd

And many, many more.

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