CHICAGO (CBS) — Angel Gomez, who is charged in connection with the shooting of two Chicago Police officers last week, was denied bond Monday.

A Cook County judge called Gomez a threat to the community.

Gomez’s supporters and attorney did not wish to comment on the case. But Chicago Police say the documented gang member, 18, was driving a stolen mini-van that pulled up next to a covert Chicago Police van with two tactical officers inside. Thinking the officers were rival gang members, Gomez’s passenger open-fired on the van with an assault rifle.

“After firing several shots through the front passenger window, the co-offender jumped to the back and opened the side door of the mini-van to get a better angle on the officers’ van,” said Jim Murphy, the Assistant State’s attorney.


Both officers were struck by the barrage of bullets. One officer was shot in the back, and the other was shot in the arm and hip. They were taken to Stroger Hospital for treatment and released on Wednesday.

“25 shots were fired into and through that black van from a matter of feet,” Murphy added.

Prosecutors say the shooting, as well as the van’s movements before and after it, were all caught on video by surveillance and POD (Police Observation Devices) cameras.

“If these individuals, these maniacs, will shoot at the police like that, do you think they really care about shooting at average citizen in this city?  The answer is no,” said Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson during a press conference Sunday.

Prosecutors say Gomez gave police a full, videotaped confession. He is charged with two counts of attempted first degree murder and two counts of aggravated battery with a firearm. If convicted, he could face six to 30 years in prison for each count.

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