Football Party Essentials

January 31, 2011 7:04 AM

Super Bowl Party Essentials

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There’s very few reasons to party in the first few months of the year – either people are trying to save money/lose weight/stop drinking, or it’s just too darn cold. Unless you’ve got a killer Groundhog’s Day party planned, everyone knows that there’s only one fiesta to plan for in the early months – the big game. We’ve collected a list of must-haves for a successful party, as well as some favorite purveyors of each item.
Buffalo Wings and Rings

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Wings – House of Wing

2447 North Clark Street

First things first – we’re gonna need some meat. House of Wing sells a tasty party tray of 90 pieces for 36 dollars – not too shabby. While the wings aren’t the biggest in the city, their flavor packs a game-worthy punch, and you’ll need to save room for what’s coming next…

Craziest Pizza In Chicago

Craziest Pizza In Chicago

Pizza – Piece Brewery and Pizzeria

1927 W. North Avenue

Even if they make New Haven-style pizza, Piece pizza is a Chicago institution. Order up one of their pizzas and take advantage of a Sunday deal made for football bliss – a large pizza and a growler of their-award winning beer for only $25.

Chips – El Milagro

1927 S. Blue Island Avenue

Since you’re not going to stop snacking through the game, you’d better pick up some of Chicago’s best chips for the occasion. Get a big box of El Milagro’s seasoned white corn chips and pair them with whatever crazy salsa your buddies have conjured up in the kitchen.


3448 North Clark Street

Regardless of who is playing, you know you’re not going to be wearing anyone else’s colors on the big day. If you want something a little different than the standard jersey, try one of Strange Cargo’s stylish tees – Da Coach, Sweetness, McMahon, and even the surly Cutler can be yours in jersey form.

Chicago Party Bus

So it might not be essential, per se, but c’mon – who wouldn’t want to have a party like this? For the fan who has it all (except for an appropriate venue): Stretch Limousine Inc.’s party bus will provide you and 26 of your friends with the game event of a lifetime. Watch the game on a 50-inch LCD (or any of the five other screens), hear the action on 16 6×9″ Speakers and 2 16″ woofers, have a drink from the full bar, and celebrate touchdowns with a drink from the full bar. Or have a party under the strobe light or on the dance pole. And what better way can you celebrate the big win than by buzzing the losing team’s bar of choice?

Dan Morgridge is waiting for the Bears to break out special guest wide receiver Derrick Rose.

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