By Dan Bernstein-

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(CBS) Charles Barkley let Derrick Rose have it with both barrels last night, and rightly so.

He destroyed Rose’s preposterous selfishness as only he could, the words on TNT’s pregame show coming from someone who played 39,330 minutes in a 16-year NBA career.

“That was stupid,” Barkley said of Rose’s comments from Tuesday about keeping life after basketball in mind as it pertains to his current playing schedule. “We’re so blessed. I limp around, but I go home to a big o’l mansion. There are people who work harder than Derrick Rose who go home to a shack. There are consequences to what we do for a living, but we got the best life in the world.”

“Derrick Rose is making $20 million a year. He got a couple bad knees … as much as I like Derrick Rose, that was flat out stupid.”


Then Rose hurt his hamstring late in the Bulls’ 100-93 win over the Raptors, and we’ll wonder some more what’s now in that overmatched head of his as he protects his imagined quality of life after basketball. Comfort at meetings and graduation ceremonies above all else.

Rose reiterated his position Thursday, saying he doesn’t understand why anyone takes issue with what he said and doesn’t care what anybody else thinks about it.

He also wants you to buy shoes with his name on them and pizza with his face on the box. Yum.

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