CHICAGO (CBS) – The weather is putting a damper on many people’s travel plans as a second round of snow moves in.

Hundreds of flights have been canceled at Chicago’s airports.

– Chicago Area Snowstorm Leads To Canceled Flights At O’Hare, Midway

CBS 2’s Sandra Torres is at O’Hare airport, where ticket holders are scrambling to make alternate plans.

About 200 flights have been canceled at Midway airport and 1,000 flights canceled at O’Hare airport, including a flight to Mexico City that left many passengers in limbo.

“It’s crazy,” said passenger, Emilio Rodriguez. “It’s the holidays. You just want to fly home and see your family and the airline has no answers for you.”

The airline is Interjet, a Mexico-based carrier which started offering flights from and to Chicago’s O’Hare airport a few weeks ago.

“Nowadays it’s probaly the second largest airline in Mexico,” said Rodriguez.

The problem on Saturday is not just that Interjet canceled the flight, because of the weather, but…

“The only option they are giving us is to fly on the 25th,” said Rodriguez.

A flight on the 25th of December, that is 14 days from Saturday.

“It’s very frustrating because they don’t give an answer,” said passenger, Lilia Anguiano.

“They’re just saying see you on December 25,” Rodriguez said. “Enjoy your stay here in Chicago.”

That is not an option for Emilio Rodriguez because he has a surgery scheduled for Tuesday.

For hours passengers tried getting help from employees at the airport and no one was available. They are also, not at this time, offering refunds.

Some passengers were lucky to book flights on other airlines, while others are unsure of what they will do.

CBS 2 reached out to Interjet Saturday afternoon. A representative said they have notified the passengers that the airline is now offering flights to Mexico City this week, at not charge, but the passengers told CBS 2 that that notification has not happened yet.