CHICAGO (CBS) — Five-year-old Zulay Sykes and her sisters, 15-year-old Mahogany and 14-year-old Maya, were all the unintended targets of a drive-by shooting Sunday near the intersection of Walnut and Homan.

“I just remember the part where we all got shot,” said Zulay Sykes.

Mahogany Sykes recalled the moments of the incident, “They started shooting. They shot my sister first.”

Maya was shot five times, Zulay was shot twice in the arm, and Mahogany was shot in the leg.

“It hurt a lot,” said Zulay.

“We didn’t choose that lifestyle. People who are involved with that lifestyle chose. We didn’t, so it’s not fair that we have to suffer the consequences mentally and physically,” said Mahogany.

Surveillance video shows the sisters along with their mom and other relatives getting into their car to head to the store for snacks when a sedan drove by and started shooting. The shooter’s arm can bee seen hanging out of the window.

“A dark-colored car came driving by. I just heard ‘boom, boom, boom’ and I told my kids to get down,” said Taina Lopez, the girls’ mother.

“I didn’t know I got shot until I got to the hospital because I saw my sisters and they were just covered in blood,” recalled Mahogany.

The scene of the crime looked much different Tuesday night as Chicago Police held “Operation Wake-Up,” a way to get neighbors out of their homes and talking about what happened to three innocent sisters.

“We reached a new tipping point in violence,” said an officer during the Operation Wake-Up rally.

“My kids are traumatized,” said Lopez. “I’m traumatized. I’m just happy that they are okay.”

14-year-old Maya has been released from the hospital and is recovering at home.

Three others were shot in the drive-by shooting. Police say they were the intended targets in what CPD is calling a gang shooting.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help the three girls with their long recovery.

Charlie De Mar