CHICAGO (CBS)– Police said the men who claimed to have caught a second alligator in the Humboldt Park Lagoon “gave conflicting statements” and the incident is under investigation.

According to a Facebook video posted Saturday night, a group of men said they found and captured a second gator in the lagoon.

Credit: Carlos Jimenez Flores Facebook

The video shows the men holding the gator and showing it off to the camera before Chicago police arrive on scene and take the gator away in the back of the police car.

“Based on the inconsistencies and information provided by Frank Robb the subjects were taken into custody on scene and transported to the 014th District for investigation,” police said in the written statement.

The alligator, which was approximately three feet, was turned over to the animal control section on scene, police said Sunday. Chicago Animal Care and Control confirmed they did impound an alligator.

“The subjects were interviewed by Area North Detectives. Frank Robb was also contacted and stated that in his professional opinion the animal was juvenile and could not have been in the lagoon for any period of time.,” Anthony Guglielmi, Chicago police chief communications officer, said. “Frank Robb further stated that his investigation on scene revealed only one alligator in the lagoon which was the one captured prior to this incident.”

Guglielmi confirmed the men were released pending further investigation.

This comes just over 10 days after an alligator was caught after being spotted in the lagoon several days earlier.

Alligator expert Frank Robb caught the gator, which drew national attention and became known as Chance the Snapper, using a fishing pole with a grappling hook on the end of the line.