CHICAGO (CBS) — Rain rolled into the Chicago area Sunday evening, and some snow could mix in before the system leaves.

As of just before 9 p.m., temperatures were above freezing across the board. The temperature was 39 at Midway International Airport and Gary; 37 at O’Hare International Airport, Waukegan, and Valparaiso; and 35 at McHenry and DeKalb.

Temperatures: 11.17.19

(Credit: CBS 2)

Radar: 11.17.19

(Credit: CBS 2)

Accumulation of snow is not expected, and the precipitation will be gone before the night is out.

Meanwhile, the National Weather Service confirmed that the first half of November was the coldest in 148 years for Chicago, with an average temperature of 31.2 degrees. The previous record was an average of 31.4 degrees in the first half of November 1991.

For those who did not enjoy that experience, there is some good news on the horizon. The highs rise in the next several days – with 41 again on Monday, 45 on Tuesday, 48 on Wednesday, and a balmy 55 on Thursday.

Temperature Trend: 11.17.19

(Credit: CBS 2)

On Friday, the high crashes back down to 41, but after dealing with the upper teens in broad afternoon daylight, 41 seems unlikely to draw too many complaints.