By Charlie De Mar

DES PLAINES, Ill. (CBS) — A man was charged in a bank robbery in Des Plaines that led to a police pursuit into Chicago, where a Chicago police officer, innocent bystander and the robber’s accomplice were all shot.

Maurice Murphy, 32, was federally charged Friday in a 20-page indictment that details the string of events that happened Tuesday night.

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CBS 2 talked to a man responsible for making sure Murphy didn’t get away.

He says there was no time to think — he just needed to protect his family.

When CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar asked him if that suspected bank robber messed with the wrong guys, he agreed without hesitation.

“He was in the back and was trying to jump the fence,” the man said.

The Des Plaines man — whom CBS 2 is not identifying — chased and tackled Murphy through several backyards including his own, helping police arrest the suspected bank robbery getaway driver.

“We are strong guys, we work outside,” he said.

The quick thinking neighbor was working in his garage.

“I see police driving pretty fast but I didn’t know what’s going on,” he said.

He then saw Murphy running, but was unsure why police were chasing him.

“After the police came and talked to us I went, ‘Oh sh**, this is a big thing,’” he said.

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But at the time, there was only one thing on this man’s mind.

“I was worried about my daughters because I said, ‘What happens if he gets to my house.’”

Maurice Murphy, 32, was charged in a Des Plaines bank robbery. (Credit: Cook County Sheriff’s Office)

Murphy and bank robbery accomplice Christopher Willis ditched the getaway car, running separate directions after hearing police close in.

“Yeah, he came here to the wrong place.”

Murphy met the neighbors.

“After we got on top I was behind him and I got his head down, he couldn’t move.”

Willis stole a car, took police on a chase to Old Irving Park, shot a Chicago police officer, then was shot and killed by a Des Plaines cop who also accidentally shot a 15-year old bystander.

Would the Des Plaines man step in again?

“I don’t know, I have to think first. But when it’s your family you don’t even think (about) it,” the man said.

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Murphy will appear in court next Monday.

Charlie De Mar