CICERO, Ill. (CBS) — Police in Cicero were tracking leads and asking for help from the public after a 17-year-old girl went missing more than a week ago.

Police said Velia Flores has not been seen on Monday, Jan. 6. Police received information from her family two days later that she was missing, Cicero police Chief Jerry Chalada Jr. said in a news release.

Since then, police have been tracking many leads, Chalada said.

Chalada said police do not believe Flores is in danger.

Later the same day Flores went missing, around 5:35 p.m., two burglars stole various items from her home, including two large flat-screen TVs and a modem, after using her keys to get inside, police said.

Ring doorbell video recorded two burglars entering a home in Cicero on Jan. 6, and stealing several items, after a 17-year-old girl had gone missing from the same home. Police said it appears the burglars used her keys to get inside. (Source: Cicero Police)

Chalada said police are not 100 percent sure if the burglary is connected to Flores’ disappearance, “but that’s something we’re going to continue to look into.”

He said it did not appear that forced entry was involved in the burglary.

The burglars were caught on Ring doorbell video. Police said they fled the scene in a black sedan, of an unknown make and model.

As to whether Flores knew the burglars, Chalada said: “We are not 100 percent sure. From what it appears, from the video, it appears that she did. But we are not sure.”

Velia Flores, 17, has been missing from west suburban Cicero since Jan. 6, 2020. (Source: Cicero Police)

Police are asking the community for help, and asked anyone information to call Cicero detectives at 708-652-2130, or submit an anonymous tip at