CHICAGO (CBS) — The family of a man shot dead by Chicago Police in Pilsen demanded justice Thursday night, after the Civilian Office of Police Accountability released video of the incident.

Police have said two officers were driving down 19th Street at Loomis Street on the evening of Tuesday, Sept. 1, when they came under fire.

Police said they were there for a call for a suspicious person and were patrolling the neighborhood in an unmarked car. Police said officers saw five men standing on the sidewalk, and the officers attempted to get out of their unmarked car when they were shot at.

One of the officers shot back and struck and killed Miguel Vega, 26. Vega was shot in the back of the head and died at the hospital.

Vegas’ family said it is not all adding up.

“I want answers. My family wants answers. What’s holding you back?” said Miguel Vega’s brother, Erik Vega. “There have been many cases where right off the bat, you speak for any other incident, but why not my brothers?”

It is important to note that Miguel Vega, a father of two, has not been identified as the one who fired at police.