By Jeremy Ross

CHICAGO (CBS) — Some TurboTax users are finally seeing their much anticipated stimulus money show up in their accounts, but there is continued frustration for others.

“I mean it’s the eighth. I already had the mortgage due on the first,” said Cheryl Nowak. “It’s frustrating to wake up every day in the morning and check my bank account, and it’s not there,”

Nowak said on a scale of one to 10 of anger he is a a 19.

“At a 10 because this is very frustrating,” said Dominique Richardson. “Keep checking your bank account to see if the money went in there, and it’s not.”

Richardson and Nowak have a lot in common. Both are trying to support their families as bills pile up. Both continue to wait on stimulus checks. And both used TurboTax to file taxes.

The financial giant sent out an email warning some customers about a federal error delaying deposits, saying the Internal Revenue Service made a mistake and hoping to fast track cash into American’s wallets. The funding faux pas resulted in cash sent to closed or inactive accounts, creating gridlock for the money many desperately needed.

In a statement, TurboTax said millions of customers are affected. Many messaged CBS 2, saying they had not received their payments, but the company said customers will get payments by Friday.

“I actually just checked it a couple minutes ago, and it’s there,” said a pleasantly surprised Bridget Steininger, who spoke with CBS 2 on Thursday.

Then the teacher and mother of three going through a divorce was anything but. The income anxiety has declined, but she adds a tech glitch shouldn’t hold families financially hostage.

“I’m happy that at least for me it got figured out,” she said. “I hope other people get it figured out for them, too.”

Meanwhile Nowak and others grow tired of checking their accounts only to find depression rather than deposits.

“Excuses only sound good to the people who are making them,” said Nowak.

“It shouldn’t have been an issue in the first place,” said Richardson.

CBS 2 reported on a similar issue with tax giant H&R Block over the past week. After checking in with those customers who complained to us, it seems most cases are resolved or in the process of being resolved.

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