CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago rapper is recovering after he was shot half a dozen times.

He’s speaking out from his hospital room, saying he’s sorry that two children were also hit. CBS 2’s Steven Graves reports from Mt. Sinai Hospital.

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Both the rapper and one of the children are speaking about the incident. The rapper, still in hospital bed, said he might have been the target, but it never should come at the risk of children.

Shot six times, Davonte Watkins, better known as Chicago rapper Badboy VT, said now that he’s well enough to talk, he will.

“Because of the kids. I’m definitely speaking up because of the kids. I don’t think nobody should have been shot at the event,” Watkins said.

But two kids were hit at that back to school event he hosted last Saturday in East Garfield Park. Two people in a car pulled up and started shooting. Fourteen-year-old Ayonna Fleming was hit while sitting in a go-kart.

“My leg hurts me from time to time because I have fragments in my ankle,” Ayonna said.

While she is in good spirits, the trauma and triggers don’t just go away.

“I’m a very tough person. So it’s going to take more than that to stop me from going outside,” Ayonna said. “But other than that, blenders and sudden fireworks triggers me a lot.”

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She is now one of hundreds of kids shot in Chicago this year. Some, like Ayonna, are not the target.

“I could believe I was the possible target, because of the things that go on in the area,” Watkins said. “But I would never intentionally bring harm to any kids if I know someone is looking for me.”

Chicago Police Supt. David Brown made a plea after Labor Day weekend to people who know they might attract gun violence to make conscious choices to keep kids away from potential harm. When asked what the motive would be to hit him, Watkins said there isn’t an answer.

“There’s no motive if someone is after me. There’s no good motive,” Watkins said, who condemned the shooters. “I just feel they have no respect for kids.”

Innocent kids who, like Ayonna, will live with physical and emotional scars.

“But I’m going to be out and about. It’s going to take more than that to stop me.”

Ayonna is referring to her community work she plans to continue.

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Watkins said his own son was at the event, but was not hit. Police still searching for the shooters.