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by Dan Morgridge

Hey, four-eyes! That’s a compliment these days, right? Nerd–chic is in, and even NBA players are wearing fake frames, and there are more stylish options out there than ever before. Contacts are a pain to put in! LASIK is expensive, and might not be right for your eyes. Your problem is an opportunity – make your frames your next accessory, and suddenly you’ve got extra ammo in the flirting wars. Something sensible? Something wild? Something to match your monocle? These eyewear emporiums will help you realize your vision (and your vision).

The customer testimonial page for Contacts and Specs is long for a reason – they’ve made a name for themselves based on attentive service. Maybe you need anti-reflective coating? Hunting down an obscure style? The gents of Contacts and Specs are on point, and will give you personalized care six days a week (as they are conveniently open Saturdays from 10-5). Their prices will be a bit higher than some, but the top-notch selection should appeal to those who want to drop some extra scrim on their specs.

Coyote has made quite a shop out of an inauspicious storefront on Ashland. They carry a wide array of modern frames like Andy Wolf and the Lunettes Kollektion; you can also find smart additions like Xperio Polarized Lenses. The best part of Labrabbit is the vintage finds – classics from Carlos Falchi, Dunhill, Carrera and many more are available.

Carl, the customer of the week! (credit: eyespyoptical.com)

Alissa Fields and the fine gals of Eye Spy are a high-end option for the choosy specs shopper. With almost 15 years of experience, they know their craft well. Beyond their opticians, they also have some fashion students working hard to make sure you’re on top of the latest trends – or comfortably behind them if that’s your style.

The frozen tundra of the far north known as Andersonville is a far journey for the rest of the city. But we hear that there’s not only a thriving community with restaurants, bars and shops up there – they even have a top-notch specs shop. Dr. Michael Cizek and his staff are very thorough with their exams, testing for things like corneal edema, corneal neovascularization, glaucoma and more. Their above-and-beyond exams should ensure no vision snags come up in your immediate future (or immediate steps, if you’re far-sighted…)

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Part glasses shop, part art gallery, D/Vision takes their style seriously. A staff of board-certified doctors will take care of regular exams and special needs, while the staff will make sure you’re wearing the latest in eyewear finery. Alain Mikli, Oliver Peoples, Salt Optics and many more options are available for customers looking to add even more class to their classy visages.

Dan Morgridge might not wear glasses, but his good-looking friends do.

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