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February 3, 2012 2:00 PM


omlette Best Omelettes In Chicago

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by Rachel Azark

Sometimes all you crave in the morning is a good, fat omelette full of your favorite things. Rarely are they ever a portion that is reasonable for one person. But isn’t that the point of having brunch in a restaurant instead of at home? Put portion control aside and stuff yourself silly at the following places.

I’m well aware this is not a piece about pancakes, but surprisingly, one of the better omelettes I’ve had was here. Their eggs are perfectly fluffy and the cheese, if you order cheese, is melted inside. Order it with ham, mushrooms, veggies or Spanish style. And the best part when ordering one is that you don’t get to miss out on the famous buttermilk pancakes, because it’s served with three of them.

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If you’re looking for a fancy omelette stuffed with all of the fixings then this is the place to come. Yolk has nine different kinds of omelettes to choose from ranging from your basic cheese omelette to the Big Texas Fajita Omelette so jam-packed with extras that you probably won’t be able to walk out without an overly stuffed stomach. Omelettes are served with red-diced potatoes or fresh fruit and toast, pancakes or English muffin. If you bring friends that aren’t big fans of eggs, there are plenty of other choices in the pancake/French toast range to keep them happy.

22 Best Omelettes In Chicago


How about having breakfast at a place that serves eggs from Eggland, a company that produces award-winning eggs? The hens are fed a patented, all-natural, all-vegetarian diet with no animal fats or byproducts. This in turn makes for some great egg dishes at Meli. Choose from 14 different kinds of omelettes stuffed with things like salmon or figs. Omelettes are served with baby red potatoes and your choice of toast.

Having a craving for an omelette in the middle of the night? Well, just your luck that Tempo is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. If you want a smorgasbord of three-egg omelettes, they have 28 different varieties. There is the Crabmeat Omelette and the Michigan omelette with apple and cheddar cheese. Or try the Jamaican with banana, walnuts and honey. Don’t forget that they’re cash only.

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This nostalgic diner in the West Loop has been serving customers since 1938. They are famous for their three-egg omelettes and claim that their Denver omelette will be the best omelette you ever eat. If you’re willing to take up that challenge, then you need to visit the Palace. Their omelettes come with either grits or hash browns and toast. They do not allow substitutions on their 14 different omelettes but they do offer add-ons.

Rachel Azark is a writer, and lives on Chicago’s northwest side. Read more of her work on her blog

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