I’m Obsessed With… Chunky Rings

June 28, 2011 6:00 AM

(credit: The Limited)

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(The Limited Tiger Eye Round Ring. credit: The Limited)

I think women all have that one (or two or three!) item that we can buy in infinite quantities. Regardless of how many I have, the variety of the selection, and that fact that I know I don’t need any more, I continually find myself obsessing over chunky rings. I don’t even wear them that often! I guess I just collect them. Whether I’m on a vacation and looking for that collectible piece to bring home, or I’m at The Limited downtown, chunky rings are my guilty pleasure. Funny how I thought that once I got an engagement ring, this habit would end. I finally have the ring I always wanted; surely I won’t find satisfaction in stocking up on more relatively inexpensive pieces that don’t really complement my new sparkler. Sigh… the obsession continues. I’ll tour an entire store in 5 minutes and end up grazing the ring display for 30 minutes.

But hey, you can always justify your purchase with a statement like: “This is what I collect. We all have something! Mine just happens to be an accessory.”

I try to keep the rings under $40 (but there are always exceptions). And I’ve found a common thread in most my purchases – the rings go with pretty much all outfits (dressy or dressed down). Some of my favorite finds are below.

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(The Limited Shell Oval Ring. credit: The Limited)

The Limited

835 N Michigan Ave #4
Chicago, IL, 60611

The Limited Tiger Eye Round Ring $26.90

Atop our smooth and substantial silver band sits a tiger-eye stone. Its many facets reflect the surface light, providing sharp contrast to the softly shimmering lines within.

The Limited Shell Oval Ring $26.90

A rough-hewn silver setting and simple band provide a rustic framework for our shimmering genuine shell. Natural variations in the shell’s texture and sheen make each ring beautifully unique.

Art Effect

934 W Armitage Ave
Chicago, IL 60614 
(773) 929-3600

Nakamol Wire Wrapped Turquoise Cuff $45.00

Brown leather cuff wrapped with wire and alternating turquoise, red, and gold beads.

Lucky Brand

2048 N Halsted St
Chicago, IL 60614 
(773) 975-8168

Lucky Asymmetrical Turquoise Stone Ring $39.00

A bohemian favorite. Earthy turquoise, handset in etched silver that’s studded with creamy burnt orange beads. A rough-cut turquoise set in silver patina.

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(credit: Kenneth Cole)

Kenneth Cole

540 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60611 
(312) 644-1163

Shell Ring $40.00

The iridescent shell and textured silver metal will add to everyday ensembles.

Jenny Schooley is a Chicago-based writer and editor. She currently works in publishing for an academic organization.

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