Read: Sandusky Grand Jury Report

(WSCR) You can read the full Grand Jury report from the Jerry Sandusky/Penn State allegations here.

*Read with caution as the accounts recalled in this report are of graphic nature.*

Check out more information on the Jerry Sandusky allegations.

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  • Pete

    Are you delusional? they mean he could have kicked his sorry ass off the campus and to the curb. Publicly sever all ties from him and have him immidiately arrested and publically apologize for ever even having on your staff or campus. Paterno is the boss of all out there, thats B & B’s point!

  • Police Commissioner: Paterno Didn’t Do Enough « CBS Chicago

    […] at the hands of a former assistant football coach, the state police commissioner said Monday. 307Read: Sandusky Grand Jury ReportYou can read the full Grand Jury report from the Jerry Sandusky/Penn State allegations here. […]

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    […] at the hands of a former assistant football coach, the state police commissioner said Monday. 307Read: Sandusky Grand Jury ReportYou can read the full Grand Jury report from the Jerry Sandusky/Penn State allegations here. […]

  • jock jones is stupid

    clown college graduate. Whats a matter your nmbla membership may be in jeopardy..

  • Juan in STL

    I cannot fathom the emotions that these victims are experiencing. My heart goes out to them and their families and I will NEVER allow my children step foot on the Penn State campus.

    Doesn’t matter how the University reacts now. I will always associate Penn State with condoning child rape and harboring pedophiles.

    • Scott P

      It is strange to see someone defend Penn State in this. They turned a blind eye, that is condoning. They allowed other boys to be sodomized and molested. There are more boys than 8 you can rest assured of that. Sandusky is demented and it takes a special dementia to allow yourself to molest a youth, but not reporting such thing to the police?? According to the report I just read, there is a lot more culpability than Sandusky and Paterno. O my God my heart hurts just thinking of little boys happy to be going to football games just to end up in a shower with this monster. Please just let him into main population in prison where he will get the justice he deserves

  • KB

    I’d fire EVERYONE!!! Especially the assitant who put the sneakers in the locker and “heard a rhythmic slapping sound”. He was put in a tough spot and perhaps thought he had done enough, but he was wrong!!!! Every man knows what the sound is and the force it takes to generate the sound. To associate that sound with the image of a poor little boy, being attacked like that by this pervert, disturbs me. It truly disturbs me. It took me forever to read that report because of the time it took me to be able to get past that point of the report without becomming teary-eyed.

    How bad are the administrators that recommended these kids to the Program.

    God Bless all the victims of molestation. To carry that weight around is a unwanted burden that you shouldn’t have to bear.

    • Darr247

      Funny thing is, instead of the assistant being charged for not reporting what he WITNESSED, he’s been named the interim coach to replace Paterno.

      Sounds to me like JoPa had good retirement benefits coming and the board figured they could save a bunch of money by firing him instead.

      • Marianne Ferris

        You’re confused. The interim coach is in no way associated with the scandal.

      • Darr247

        You’re right, Marianne… the report I saw that said he was the new coach was wrong, and I repeated it; sorry.

        He is currently an assistant coach, though, and the university has told him to stay home saturday because he’s been getting death threats.

      • Denver Deadite

        The interim coach is not associated… yet.

        But I think it’s safe to say that if you’ve been with Paterno for 33 years as Bradley has, and you’re Sandusky’s replacement, you effing knew what was going on.

        They all knew. And they all did nothing.

      • Eula

        Good for the old codger!

    • Lynn

      The administrators believed in the program I’m sure. As for McQueary we all know what he should have done. However, I understand why he was so afraid. I feel bad for the guilt he has to live the rest of his life with…it all boils down to demented Sandusky….he must be put away. Statistics show that pedophiles do not not generally rehabilitate…keep him away from society forever…children come first.


      I completely agree….anyone who did NOT dial 911 immediately needs to be FIRED!!


      I read the report … I’m not teary eyed … I’m livid. as a victim of abuse myself – it INFURIATES me that we turn such a blind eye to the molestation of children.

      In my day … no one was there for me. seeing reports in the media, you think we would have advanced some – this is clear proof we have not. Not when the cover up and abuse went on for as many years as it did. we only know bout 8 in the report. I heard on the news it may be ‘as many’ as 17 … seriously? as quickly as this animal moved through 8? you HONESTLY think there’s only been 17 since 1977? are you INSANE?!??!

  • psu epic fail

    fry em all. re-=animate them. repeat.

  • Jay

    All I have to say is if it were me walking in that locker room I would have killed this man after witnessing such a cruel act. These are our children for Christ sake!!! If you witnessed an adult sotamizing a child of whatever age, what would you do? Because I know what I would have done. Pure shame, and today is a sad day to be a citezen of this country.

  • Fred

    Paterno and the rest of those members are all P**sy’s. They’re all contemplating about how they can make their story sound good to their benefit, when the true fact of the matter is that there are more than 8 victims traumitized by the hands of this sick man. Pure Dusgust!!!!!!!!

    • Darr247

      You have obviously not perused the report, so you are speaking from ignorance.

      The person they should be hunting down is the high school counselor that was recruiting the kids for sandusky (see “victim 6” and “victim 7”).


        that person should also be included … yes. but anyone who did not call the police after witnessing inappropriate behavior … ALSO needs to be fired!

  • Doug

    Just read the Grand Jury report. Just AWFUL. If Sandusky is guilty, lock him up and let the other inmates get revenge.

  • scott

    Mr. delusional and Kevin, U DON’T know what joepa was privy to. Have u even heard Joe speak yet? NO! What concerns me bout u and the media is all the focus on Joe instead of the REAL person responsible for this unforgivable act. How many people even know the actual predator’s last name. REALLY PEOPLE!

    • Shoot-them-all

      It’s Sandusky, nitwit. You and all the PSU apologists keep defending Joe as to what he was told. How about “I saw Sandusky in the shower with a 10 year old boy”. Is that not enough for you? Do adult men routinely shower with young boys in Happy Valley such that it’s not a big deal? ‘Cause I can tell, where I’m from that’s enough info for me to call the cops and let them sort it out. And don’t give me that BS that Joe wasn’t told all the facts. He was told enough to cause him to call his boss and brief him on a Sunday. So he knew enough and then promptly washed his hands of it. As someone else called it – this is a conspiracy of cowards.

      • scott

        Shoot them all?? U sound level-headed. If you weren’t so narrow-minded u would understand the context of the message. U would understand I AM NOT DEFENDING JOE, merely need all the facts before placing judgement on someone much less shooting them…NITWIT

    • wayne

      sick fuk, luv jopa, kill the child …………such a brainwashed loser! THE FACTS ARE THERE FOR ALL TO SEE! The great unwashed proved it. Poor students with no hero left!

    • kcsinaz

      You my friend are just as delusional as all the others who chose to look the other way. To say that Paterno did not know is just pure ignorance on your part. Sad….Sad.

      • scott

        See… just like the media, put a spin on words to make someone look bad. NEVER did I say Joepa didn’t know. Simply saying give the old man a chance to defend himself, but of course in today’s society most seem to enjoy crucifying the accused before they can even peep a word. Sad very sad!

  • devon

    After reading the report I am left feeling that this graduate assistant did not reveal enough information in the original meetings. I just cannot believe that they would have been delayed, not to mention not going to the police to begin with rather than a coach. I feel like Paterno didn’t know the severity but he did act. He did meet with Curley and then met again with Schultz who oversaw the University Police. This to me seems like he was trying to get this worked on, from there he probably figured they would handle it. I do not see how anyone after reading this report could blame Joe Paterno when clearly the blame seems to be on Schultz for not getting police involved.


      he did not act as he should have. the authorities should have been contacted.

      did he do that? no

      the university police are not the REAL police / social services. that’s keeping it ‘in house’

      When it was clear others did not act on it … he should have pursued it further knowing what was reported to him

  • Luna M.

    I don’t understand? How can so many people witness these crimes against little boys, and no one bother to call the police..Forget bringing it up to school officials. Why not just go and call the police. But first take the child out of that situation. PLEASE!!!!! My God imagine that is your child with an adult you trust. This makes me sick. Everyone at Penn needs to get fired, maybe they will have time on their hands to realize they could have saved these boys from the hell that they went through….

    • ray

      ray s you are absolutely. Someone should have reported this matter to the police. And this includes the great JOE PA> if he saw that nothing was done by hi so called boss he should have acted himself. Idf antone believes that any one at Penn State is the boss of Paterno they are delusional. He knew about this almost 10 years ago. How does live with that,and all of the other morons. You know what this all about. Ill tell you: protect Penn State at all cost. God forbid they should about the kids rather then football team. Gees I hope this hurt any future reruiting. Yea right.

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  • James

    Can someone please tell me WTH the 28 year old “graduate assistant” who witnessed this awful attack name is not being used in this report? We all understand why the victims names are not here but he wasn’t a victim…..he’s got a major part of blame here. I’m pretty sure if you or I would have seen an attack like this we would have stepped in and protected that child at that very moment, but NOOO, this “graduate assistant”, aka Mike McQueary, saw heard what was going on…watched… and then called his daddy to find out what to do?? PLEASE!!! So, Joe Paterno got this secong hand account information about what happened that night from a guy who did that?? And Paterno’s name is on this Grand Jury Report? The reason his name is not included here is it wouldn’t put these people in the lime light as much as Paterno’s. No one is going to get promoted or get on TV and the news papers by going after this guy. Makes me sick! Of course not as sick as what has happened to these children. Sandusky should be executed.

  • Megan W

    1 in 4 girls are victims of sexual abuse.
    1 in 6 boys are victims of sexual abuse.
    The fact that so many head were turned makes me sick to my stomach. All to protect their precious Penn State.

  • Gwilson

    If one can infer anything from this report is that Sandusky was not Joepa’s successor because of the 1998 shower incident, and was informed of that and decided to retire. So when another incident is brought up to Joepa in 2002 that should have been reported to the police immediately by him! I have no more sympathy for him after reading this report. At the point McQueary is informing of this situation, he know for sure he has a pedophile on his campus and working with children in that non-profit organization. He should have done way more than just go to the AD.

    • Crazy

      EXACTLY!!!!!! I have no sympathy for JoePa

  • clarkwgriswold
  • Bernstein: You Must Read The Grand Jury Report « CBS Chicago

    […] Here it is. Read it. […]

  • disgusted

    If older women who chase younger boys are called cougars, are young men who chase younger boys called a nittany lion?

    • SodomizeSandusky

      I believe the term for an adult pursuing sexual contact with a minor is pedophile.

  • cathy

    who cares about football at this point…what is most important here is what has happened. I love football as well as the next person…but come on who really cares at this point.

  • G. Lee

    A HOME GAME? Are you serious? “Last home game for Joe?” It’s too bad that you happen to live in a small town north of the location of a wicked series of events; but sadder than that is that you seem think that for right now, the focus should be a friggin home game. If Joe cared so much about his legacy common sense would have told him the moment he got wind of that news that the only thing to do was to try to protect these kids. Now, had he done that, his legacy would have been boosted by his heroics, rather than forever tarnished by his indifference. You worry about sports, while the rest of the public demands justice for these children whom were robbed of their innocence in the most humiliating and criminal of ways!!!


      children who were robbed of any childhood because of a man who was given free reign over a program … scores of adults who turned a blind eye … talking amongst themselves instead of calling the police.- or even intervening to pull the child out of such a situation!

      Eff the frigging game. it’s sad the PLAYERS … who did NOTHING to deserve what they’re now being cheated out of due to the brazen disregard for the children who were victimized.

    • Lynn

      I don’t care about the game…I care about the players on the field…they are also victims in this case…so are the new recruits

  • TrulyEffedUP

    I have to believe this has been going on for 40 years or more. I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg here. I have to believe that Sandusky created the Second Mile program to have unlimited access to these young boys. Truly disgusting.

  • Creighton

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”

    I read that whole thing and nobody did anything, and they could of, and I am sick. It took me hours to get through that, I had to stop time and again, I quit smoking years ago and I went and I purchased a pack cause I was freaking out.

    I am just disgusted at the complete failure to stop this evil predator. Thise poor kids, loking for help and betryed, molested and raped by the person who was suppose to help him.

    I can’t believe the wife tried to help him out, I can’t believe with so many different opportunities to stop him everyone made the wrong choice.

    I am so disgusted with the faliure to do the right thing. That 23 pages of hell and that’s nothing compared to what those children endured.

    • Lynn

      I agree…it is so disturbing I have been crying over it every day. “Success with Honor” has been turned into a joke. These men really needed to exhibit honor here. How in the world did this go on for so long? Does anyone have an idea?


        how can you ask that question with a straight face?

        how did it go on for so long?

        the same way it went on with Joe Paterno in charge. HE TURNED A BLIND EYE … everyone who witnessed … DID NOT CALL THE POLICE …

        precisely what can any of these people do … that would ‘exhibit honor at this point?:

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