CROWN POINT, Ind. (CBS) — A man has been charged in the alleged kidnapping of a northwest Indiana teenager who disappeared Saturday and was found in Arkansas.

Alexander Martin Curry-Fishtorn, 22, is facing 21 charges including kidnapping, battery and stalking according to the Lake County, Indiana Prosecutor’s office.

As CBS 2’s Tim McNicholas reported, the family of Madison Eddlemon alleges that Curry-Fishtorn had been stalking her. She said she met the 22-year-old in January at a Marine recruitment event because she was interested in joining the Marine Corps. Curry-Fishtorn was in the Marine Corps reserves.

Eddlemon said Curry-Fishtorn asked for everyone’s Snapchat contact information and the two began dating about a week later.

According to court documents, she said the relationship became very controlling around March and he would get angry about her wearing makeup or shorts or talking to other males. She said he threatened to come shoot her family if she didn’t follow his rules and he would “come after her” and then kill himself.

The family obtained a protective order against Curry-Fishtorn on Madison’s behalf in May.

Eddlemon’s mother, Nichole Cain, said Curry-Fishtorn was “stalking (Eddlemon) and making her contact him, and if she didn’t, stuff was going to happen – and it all spiraled into this.”

In July, Curry-Fishtorn was charged with stalking intimidation and invasion of privacy for allegedly violating that protective order. But he paid only $2,945 to bond out of jail in that case, and wasn’t due back in court for another month.

Detectives say the 16-year-old also recounted Curry-Fishtorn watching her at the Lake County Fair on two occasions. Once she said he was wearing a disguise and then confronted her, grabbed her by her hair, took her behind a ride, hit her and put his hands around her neck before taking out a pocket knife.

She also reported that he once stabbed her with a sewing needle, and also choked her.

According to court documents, the girl’s car broke down after she dropped a friend off in Crown Point, Indiana, after work on Friday, Aug. 16. That’s when she said Curry-Fishtorn showed up in a vehicle, threw her over his shoulder and put her in the front seat of the vehicle. She said the door would not unlock.

She told authorities the back of the vehicle was full as he had “packed his whole life into the car.”

She said she saw a gun, and he told her, “I have a gun. Don’t try anything.”

She also said Curry-Fishtorn told her he wanted to keep her until she turned 18 believing the past charges would then be dropped.

Madison said he took his cell phone apart, and he drove the two to a home of a friend of his in Arkansas where they arrived Saturday morning.

That friend, fellow Marine Corps reservist Grant Herrington, said he knew about the protective order but that Curry-Fishtorn said the girl was 18. He later learned she was 16 but told Curry-Fishtorn they could hide out at his house for a few days.

Court document reports while in Arkansas, they stopped at a Wal-Mart to get hair dye and dyed the girl’s hair black, so she wouldn’t be recognized.

The 16-year-old said she was “really fearful” throughout the whole ordeal and believed her family to be in danger.

According to court documents, Curry-Fishtorn’s sister said he had also been violent with her and their mother in the past, including an incident when he cocked a gun at his mother. Offcials reported she said she was also aware of him having inappropriate relationships with young girls.

She also said he knew he had a September hearing about the protective order and had a suicide pact in the works if it didn’t go in his favor.

Court documents stated Madison said there was never a suicide pact, but that he told her if she ever left him he’d kill her and then himself and also asked if she would put a gun to his head.

According to court documents, Madison also said, “I hope they keep him in prison for as long as they possibly can.”

Curry-Fishtorn is currently being held in Arkansas.