By Jeremy Ross

DOLTON, Ill. (CBS) —  A first-person perspective of a tense foot chase before a police shooting in Dolton.

Late Friday afternoon, the Dolton Police Department released body cam footage from last Saturday’s incident.

CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross reported from the Dolton police station Friday with more on what that video shows.

In the mayor’s words, what the video showed was the officers being overly cautious, and exercising great restraint after they said a man with a weapon and began to chase after him.

Video from last Saturday night was released the Village of Dolton. The body camera footage from three officers showing three different angles.

They confront 19-year-old Carterris Doty. Police said they responded to the call of a man with a gun in the area near Sibley. From the video, you can hear the officers yelling at the 19-year-old to show his hands. He instead backs away and officer said they saw a glimpse of a gun and began shouting “drop the gun.”

The mayor told the media that the weapon was recovered. And that the commands were yelled over and over again by some measures, more than a minutes worth of “show me your hands” or “drop the weapon” before police fired on him.

The village said two officers shot their weapons multiple times, adding that the officers did so consistent with their training. That means to keep shooting until the threat posed to officers and the community is no longer there.

The officers who fired the weapons are on desk duty. That is standard practice in a situation like this.

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