BARRINGTON, Ill. (CBS) — Some parents in northwest suburban Barrington say remote learning is not working and want their kids back in school.

They have rallied and met with the school board, and on Monday, they told CBS 2’s Jermont Terry they could be ready for court.

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“We are all concerned and we want things to be moving,” said parent Kathleen Schmidtz.

“People want their kids back in school,” said parent Brett Koenig.

Thornton and Schmidtz are part of a group of parents that is frustrated with the fact that their children can’t their education inside a school in Barrington.

“The coronavirus, I understand, for some people create a lot of health problems,” another parent said.

But these parents believe school-age kids are the least likely to develop serious health problems if they contract the virus.

They insist a large minority of parents share their sentiments that Barrington 220 Community School District metrics aren’t precise numbers. The school board and superintendent get the numbers from the Lake County Health Department.

“And they’re not giving us a breakdown of those numbers – meaning age demographics, the source, or where those positives are coming from,” said parent Christy Thornton.

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“Positive cases in nursing homes, deaths in nursing homes – all of which do not pertain, or should not be affecting, whether or not our kids go to school,” Schmidtz said.

The district had started hybrid learning in October. But three days after the return to the classroom, it halted hybrid learning due to cases in the county. As of this week, the district reports a total of three students and five teachers who have tested positive, and 215 teachers and students – 139 students and 76 staff – currently quarantining.

“People are quarantining because they’re told to do so if they’ve possibly been in contact, but most are not contracting COVID, so we just don’t feel it’s a local issue here,” Koenig said.

Yet, the school board and superintendent are not willing to budge just yet – despite Supt. Brian Harris saying at a public meeting last week that he would now let the board make the rules.

And if a decision is not made soon, there are talks that some in the community might just go to court.

“From what I’m, hearing a lot of parents very frustrated and perhaps could do that,” Thornton said.

On Wednesday, the school board plans to hold a special meeting behind closed doors to come to some remedy – and expects to let the community know if hybrid learning returns by the end of week.

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