CHICAGO (CBS) — The Civilian Police Office of Police Accountability has released police dashboard camera and body camera video footage of the deadly police shooting of 34-year-old Klevontaye White last month in West Garfield Park.

Three Chicago Police officers and a U.S. Marshal shot and killed White on July 9, after surrounding a Jeep on the 100 block of South Kilpatrick Avenue, while serving a fugitive arrest warrant. White was wanted on an outstanding warrant on 15 counts of aggravated sexual assault, and another warrant for escape from electronic monitoring after he’d cut off his ankle monitor, according to police

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Police have said White pointed a gun at officers, who opened fire on him while he was still inside the SUV.

White was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead, police said.

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability is investigating the officers’ use of force, and on Tuesday released four videos from police dashboard cameras and more than two dozen body cameras worn by Chicago Police officers and Cook County Sheriff’s officers who were involved in the incident.

However, none of the videos provides a clear view of what White was doing in the SUV just before police started shooting.

Body camera video from the officers who opened fire shows they were either holding ballistic shields that blocked the view of their camera, were standing behind other officers who blocked the view of their camera, or were standing behind another vehicle that blocked the camera’s view at the time they fired shots.

In multiple videos from the shooting, officers can be seen surrounding the Jeep, some of them holding ballistic shields to protect themselves and other officers standing behind them.

Multiple officers can be heard warning each other to “watch your crossfire” as they approached the vehicle. Moments before any shots are heard on the videos, at least one officer can be heard saying White was holding a gun, and pointing it at officers.

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“He’s aiming the gun, dude,” the officer says. “F*****g drop the gun! Drop the gun!”

Seconds later, a single gunshot is heard. While the video doesn’t show whether that shot was fired by White or by an officer, police can be heard shouting “shots fired.”

A short time later, several volleys of gunfire are heard, and windows on the SUV can be seen disintegrating as officers open fire on the Jeep.

After the first fusillade, officers can be heard saying White is still moving inside the Jeep, and shouting at him to show his hands.

After another round of several shots, officers can be heard shouting “we need more shields” as police approach the SUV.

Eventually, one officer is able to open the front passenger side door of the Jeep, and tells other officers that White is down inside the SUV, but still holding a gun. Seconds later, he reaches through the broken rear passenger window and pulls out a gun.

All three CPD officers who shot at White were placed on 30 days’ administrative leave, as is standard procedure during COPA investigations of police shootings.

COPA has yet to rule on whether officers were justified in shooting White.

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CBS 2 Chicago Staff