DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. (CBS)A snowstorm was expected to intensify in the overnight hours Monday into Tuesday, but the snow came down early and hard in west suburban Downers Grove.

As CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar reported, restaurants in downtown Downers Grove have adapted for outside dining in the winter with tents and igloo bubbles – but as will come as no surprise, we didn’t see anyone dining in the elements.

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However, we did see plenty of snowplows trying to keep up in Downers Grove. Around 7 p.m. is when it really stared to come down.

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At Thai Café on Main Street in Downers Grove, they worked to clear parking spots for customers.

Sears Sittipranid of Thai Café was not even wearing a coat outside as he shoveled.

“I’m wearing, but not too cold like before,” Sittipranid said.

Steve and Julie Ruffolo chose to be outside Monday night – a perfect night, they said, to get in some steps.

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“It’s beautiful, it isn’t that cold,” Steve Ruffolo said. “I love the snow falling, so quiet and peaceful. It’s nice to be out.”

“This is a great event to be outside,” Julie Ruffolo said. “Any excuse to get outside, and the weather is prettier than normal.”

It was not a great event for Mike Petrow, whose car heater broke.

“The moment of truth,” Petrow said. “Heat broke – the blower.”

Petrow was able to get his heat back on.

Late Monday, it was fairly quiet in Downers Grove – but snow continued to fall.

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