CHICAGO (CBS) — We first told you about the horrifying hit-and-run crash in Wrigleyville back in August – two young women were struck at the corner of Addison and Fremont streets, and one of them died.

Now, four months later, the man behind the wheel of the BMW that hit the young women has been indicted by a grand jury. On Tuesday night, the survivor of the hit-and-run told CBS 2 Political Investigator Dana Kozlov that the driver’s arrest gives her little comfort.

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Saturday, Aug. 14, 2021 was a beautiful summer’s day that turned to horror a city block east of Wrigley Field. Video from a Wyze cam captured a BMW barreling west down Addison Street, with its tires screeching as it plowed through the stop sign and turned south onto Fremont Street.

Sophie Allen, 27, was crossing Fremont Street with her friend, Nahiomy Alvarez when the out-of-control BMW slammed right into them. Allen was killed. Alvarez survived, but her grief lingers.

Sophie Allen

Sophie Allen

“I think of Sophie often,” Alvarez said. “I think of her.”

Brett Dimick, 30, has now been indicted on charges that he was behind the wheel of the BMW, driving erratically and blowing that stop sign before he hit the two friends.

Brett Dimick, 30

Brett Dimick, 30 (Credit: Chicago Police)

In September, Alvarez talked with Kozlov as she recovered. She expressed frustration that at that time, no arrests had been made despite mountains of evidence left at the scene – including Dimick’s sandals, as well as security camera video showing the suspect running away.

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Now that Dimick has been arrested, charged, and indicted, Kozlov asked Alvarez if she felt any sense of even minor justice for her friend Allen.

“Not yet,” Alvarez said. “Until I see that he’s actually going to serve some time, I will not rest.”

Dimick turned himself in almost four months to day after Allen’s death, In court Monday, prosecutors mapped out a slew of evidence they say proves Dimick was the driver, and focused on his criminal record.

Dimick’s driver’s license had been revoked since 2009, when he was still a teenager. There have also been half a dozen arrests on Dimick’s record dating back 11 years – several of them involving jail time.

“This person shouldn’t have been driving in the first place. His license was revoked 10 years ago, and yet he was still,” Alvarez said. “I am angry as hell. I’m so scared that this person will still walk.”

Dimick’s bond was set at $500,000 cash – meaning he would be required to pay the whole amount rather than a percentage. He will enter a plea a this next court date on Jan. 21.

Alvarez will be paying close attention, in hopes that the death of Allen – a friend who was in Chicago celebrating a milestone in her fight against breast cancer and who was looking forward to her upcoming wedding – will not go unpunished.

“The only hope I have is that more coverage of this will keep folks motivated to press for justice,” Alvarez said.

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Dimick’s criminal defense attorney did not return our call and email requesting comment.